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Author: Lorena Zapata López

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This new alert opens a new front of international tension.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s warnings are no longer limited to Europe. Initially, he threatened to attack British bases and military equipment, in response to comments by the head of British diplomacy, David Cameron, who defended Ukraine’s right to use weapons to attack Russia on its own territory.

Putin later warned that they were starting nuclear weapons exercises in response to “provocations and threats” from Western leaders, such as France’s Emmanuel Macron, who suggested the possibility of deploying NATO troops in Ukraine. Now, the focus has shifted to Argentina.

Indeed, the Russian ambassador in Buenos Aires, Dmitry Feoktistov, has reportedly conveyed Putin’s deep disappointment in the stance of the Argentine president, Javier Milei, towards Ukraine.

Arms supply to Ukraine

Putin’s “disappointment” has manifested itself after learning of a possible shipment of weapons and military equipment from the Latin American country to Ukraine, channeled through Germany. “We have clearly and firmly communicated to Argentina that such actions will be considered hostile actions against Russia,” Feoktistov said.

Criticism of the Argentine Defense Minister

However, the possible shipment of military material is not the only cause of discontent for the Kremlin. Russian authorities have also expressed disappointment over the participation of Luis Petri, the Argentine Defense Minister, in the Ramstein format, known as the Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine, which brings together more than 50 nations committed to supporting the defense of Ukraine by supplying military equipment following the Russian invasion in 2022.

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Application to join NATO

Last April, the minister also met with Mircea Geoană, deputy secretary general of NATO, to formalize Argentina’s request to join the Atlantic alliance.

In this scenario, the Latin American country would not become a full member of NATO due to geographical restrictions, but could choose to become a global partner. This category would allow cooperation with member countries in areas such as intelligence, in addition to accessing resources such as equipment and training; However, this decision, contrary to the neutrality maintained by Argentina in recent years, has also made the Kremlin uncomfortable.

Furthermore, at the recent Global Peace Summit in Switzerland, Milei highlighted the close connection with President Zelensky, expressing full support for Ukraine on behalf of the Argentine people. “Argentines are fully aware of the value of peace and democratic coexistence as guiding axes of life in society.”said the president. And he added that he rejects “any form of violence” especially war, which he considers “an illegitimate tool to resolve conflicts.”

Although Argentina has historically maintained a good relationship with Russia, since the electoral campaign, Milei has sent signals that this era could be coming to an end.. He also assured that he would not comply with the accession to the BRICS (association of emerging countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) a previous agreement with the Kremlin, and would not strengthen ties with Russia. The president stated that his main allies would be the United States and other Western powers.

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