Some 800 thousand Palestinians in Gaza deprived of education

Some 800 thousand Palestinians in Gaza deprived of education
Some 800 thousand Palestinians in Gaza deprived of education

Since the beginning of the conflict, that country “deliberately attacked children, women and civilians, killing, wounding and arresting tens of thousands, including thousands of students and education workers,” a statement denounced.

The text highlighted that 85 percent of the educational facilities were out of service in that coastal enclave as a result of the direct attacks.

Yesterday, some 89,000 Palestinian students in Gaza were due to begin their high school exams for the 2023-2024 academic year, but only 56 percent showed up as a result of the effects of the aggression.

The official Wafa news agency reported that “the war launched 260 days ago by Israel deprived 39,000 students” of taking the tests, either because hundreds of them were victims, because they abandoned classes due to attacks and forced displacement or for the destruction of schools.

According to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, at least 430 high school students have been killed by military operations in Gaza since October 7 of last year.

He noted that some eight thousand Palestinians of school age have since lost their lives in the coastal enclave, as well as 350 teachers.

Additionally, some 12,500 students were injured, including 2,500 who were disabled.

Authorities estimate that of the 307 government school buildings in the Strip, 286 were damaged, dozens of them completely.

Wafa cited unofficial data, according to which the Israeli Army destroyed 110 schools and universities in that territory, in addition to damaging another 321.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Middle East warned on Friday on its social media account X that at least “76 percent of schools in the Gaza Strip need major reconstruction.” or rehabilitation to return to function.”


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