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Marbella and Puerto Banús are famous for their parties, clubs, luxury shops, the ‘jet-set’, and Michelin-starred cuisine. However, the city of Malaga keeps some treasures that go unnoticed, such as the dozen sculptures by Salvador Dalí deployed along Avenida del Mar.

A stone’s throw from the old town and next to the promenade that runs along the main beaches of the city, is Avenida del Mar, a pedestrian space decorated with marble, wooden pergolas and benches where the works of the famous Catalan artist, which were acquired by the Marbella City Council during the mayor’s office of Jesus Gil and they have transformed the avenue into an open-air museum.

Among the sculptures, the following stand out: Nude woman climbing the staircase, Horse with people stumbling, Mercury, Perseus, Don Quixote seated, Gala pregnant, Gala leaning out of the window, Trajan on horseback, Man on dolphin and Cosmic elephant. Each of these pieces measures more than two meters high and weighs between 200 and 400 kg.

Since its installation in 1998 They constitute a unique tourist attraction given the relevance of their creator. Dalí, one of the most influential artists in history due to his surrealist style and his eccentric personality, captured in them his creativity and ability to challenge reality.

Avenida del Mar, where the sculptures are located


The strategic location of Avenida del Mar allows visitors to get close to other points of interest in Marbella. One of them is the Alameda Parkwhich houses a fountain dedicated to the Virgen del Rocío decorated with Andalusian tiles, as well as vegetation and benches to rest in the shade.

To get to the park and this open-air museum you can use the public transport using the urban bus lines L-1, L-2, L-3, L-6, L-7, L-8, L-9 and Nocturna, although you can also walk there in a few minutes if you live or It stays near the center.

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