“The best work on the greatest saga in the world”

The year in which it is celebrated the 25th anniversary of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace It’s all good news for fans of the saga. In addition to the premiere of ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ and other audiovisual products related to the saga such as ‘Star Wars: Skeleton Crew’, which everything indicates will be released around Christmas this 2024, The repertoire of jewelry for collectors and merchandising for fans, far from being reduced, continues to expand.

The collectibles of this popular film saga such as the Star Wars Funkos or the new Star Wars LEGO sets that the brand has launched to commemorate the 25th anniversary are highly coveted and valued pieces by fans of the adventures of the Galaxy, however , are not the only relics desired by fans: books with unpublished material and exclusive content are as powerful as the power of force.

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‘The Star Wars Archives’ It has become a must-have in any Star Wars fan’s collection. Its unpublished and unique material makes it a true work of art.

star wars book with illustrations

‘The Star Wars Archives’ book

This book, Available in XXL size and pocket format, is a true gem for Star Wars collectors. Has 5% discount and users have given it a rating of 5 out of 5.

TASCHEN The Star Wars Archives (XXL)

The Star Wars Archives (XXL)

It is evident that since Star Wars burst onto movie screens in 1977, Darth Vader, the half-man, half-machine hybrid, fascinated and horrified the public in equal measure. This book, ‘The Star Wars Archives’has been conceived in close collaboration with George Lucas and Lucasfilm and it addresses the making of the prequel trilogy: Episode I: The Phantom Menace; Episode II: Attack of the Clones; and Episode III: Revenge of the Sithand includes exclusive interviews with Lucas and his collaborators.

star wars book with original illustrations

Another strong point of this book is that it is Illustrated with script pages, production documents, concept art, storyboards, set photographs, stills and posters. This second volume is a XXL size volume that continues the visual journey through the Star Wars galaxy.

Experts have not hesitated to call this book a masterpiece, with reviews such as “The best work on the greatest saga in the world… For Star Wars fans this book is a revelation.“―Welt am Sonntag”The Star Wars Archives achieves the impossible: a new vision of one of the most analyzed franchises in history.” ―Chicago Tribune

illustrated star wars book for collectors

Nails on dimensions of 33.78 x 7.11 x 48.26 cm, in Spanish language and with 600 pages, This work is a gift worthy of being in the home of any Star Wars fan.

In addition, this book can also be found in a more manageable format, pocket or paperback edition:

Taschen The Star Wars Archives. 40th Ed.

The Star Wars Archives. 40th Ed.

This edition has dimensions of 16.51 x 3.18 x 22.86cm, it is in englishit is hardcover and has ‏ 512 pages. Smaller size, but same quality and content.

Either of the two formats and editions of this book are ideal for collectors and Star Wars fans, who cannot let this gem escape them, because As Qui-Gon Jinn said, “Jedi seek not adventure, but knowledge.”and with this masterpiece, knowledge is guaranteed.

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