This eBook holds 8,000 books, weighs only 200 grams and is at an outlet price at MediaMarkt

Are you one of those who devours book after book? In that case, you should know that there is no better investment than a good ebook. Because books in this format are much cheaper, they are more comfortable to transport and, in addition, they offer a large number of premium specifications when it comes to reading.

Today we bring a totally unrepeatable offer. Because this SPC Dickens Light Pro has collapsed, and has dropped from almost €170 to just €129. Nothing is missing, since it even comes with a case included so you don’t have to buy it separately.

Of course, the offer will not last long; so, in case you are interested, we recommend that you take a look at the website MediaMarkt before it flies.

6 inches, 8 GB of memory and endless battery

The first thing you should know about this e-book is that it has a screen of totally exceptional quality. Starting with your size, which is 6 inches and will allow you to take it with you everywhere. But, in addition, it also has Comfort Reading; This is a functionality that will allow you to regulate both the glow like the temperature.

Thanks to this, you can turn on the warm light when it is night, or when you feel that your eyesight needs it. And that will make the experience much more comfortable, as you will quickly discover.

It weighs nothing, something that you should also note as a positive factor, since it will allow you to store it comfortably in any bag or backpack. And you will hardly notice that you have it on you!

Of course, the screen is touch screen and, in addition, it will allow you personalize both the font type and the size of the letter. In addition, you can also choose if you prefer to read vertically or horizontally, something that you will appreciate depending on the format you read. Although one of the strong points of this screen is that has no reflections of any kind, as you will discover as soon as you have it in your hands.

It has a Storage capacity 8 GB, which will have room for more than 8,000 books. And you can even enlarge via microSD! To this we must add that it has a very powerful battery, 1,500 mAh; This will mean that, depending on the use you make of the eBook, you will not have to charge it for weeks and weeks.

This eBook has hit rock bottom due to deadline!

This eBook also has another strong point: it is very easy to use and intuitive. Turn pages, add bookmarks, manage the library, see all recent files… You will have no limits in this regard. Besides, the compatibility It is very good, since it supports: EPUB, FB2, TXT, PDF, RTF, MOBI, HTML, CHM, DOC, JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF.

Without a doubt, it is an eBook that must be taken into account, since it offers the Best Quality at an incredible price. Because, for a limited time, you can find it at MediaMarkt for only €129. Don’t miss it, and rediscover the pleasure of reading this summer.

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