Support for women entrepreneurs

Support for women entrepreneurs
Support for women entrepreneurs

The technology company Logitech and the Juno House club (designed by and for women) have just announced in Barcelona, ​​their association to inspire and promote women entrepreneurs and their projects.

According to information provided by Logitech managers during the presentation of this collaborative project, the inclusion and empowerment of women in technological areas, traditionally dominated by men, such as programming, web development or product creation, is a priority for the collaborating firm. internationally with initiatives such as Girls Who Code or #WomenWhoMaster itself. Likewise, it works on the creation of inclusive technological accessories that adapt to different needs and anatomies. In this scenario, the collaboration between Logitech and Juno House has been opened, a catalyst for female talent in the technology sector.

“At Logitech we are proud to support and celebrate women who seek to grow both personally and professionally. Collaborating with Juno House represents a solid commitment to support, empower and recognize the tireless efforts of visionary women from a holistic and community perspective.” ;, it states Zuriñe Martinmarketing manager at Logitech.

“Strategic alliances are key to the future of Juno House’s expansion and are the center of our value proposition for members,” said Natalie Batllé, founder of Juno House.

A wide agenda of activities

Logitech and Juno House will promote activations such as those held on November 21:

Entrepreneur Talks by Logitech, The brand will promote the Juno House entrepreneur talks this November with presentations focused on offering valuable content. Technology, business and mentoring will be the common threads of the presentations, with guests such as the communicator and coach Gemma Fillol or the entrepreneur and digital business expert Marina Planas.

Networking Lunch: Along with the Entrepreneur Talks, other activities are organized to create links between women in business and the world of technology.

Wellness Day (November 23 and 30): Logitech will promote Wellness Days, with a program that includes classes focused on posture and ergonomics, a fundamental pillar for the brand and from which its range was born Digital Wellnesssustainable and ergonomic products (mice and keyboards, among others) to work holistically on well-being.

Along with these initiatives, the company will offer complete accessory kits to participants so that they can work accompanied by cutting-edge technology that adapts to their type of profile and will carry out a take over of the Juno Shop for a month, to offer the opportunity to explore the Logitech product catalog.

First steps

These actions represent the starting point of the collaboration between both companies to support female entrepreneurs in the technology sector. The goal is to continue developing initiatives that empower and provide opportunities to foster a more inclusive environment.

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