Who is Antonio Gracias, Elon Musk’s friend who became a billionaire thanks to Tesla shares

From business to friendship. Learn more about this millionaire and how he created his fortune.

Antonio Thank youone of the early Tesla investors, is considered the closest Latino to Elon Musk. And he was present during an exhausting time for Musk, six years ago. He demonstrated to her the value of him as a supportive companion and as invaluable problem solver.

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In the summer of 2018, Gracias and Musk worked tirelessly to increase the production rate of the electric car manufacturer’s Model 3, solving supply chain and manufacturing problems. Gracias’ practical investment strategy and his bets on Musk’s companies paid off, making him a billionaire, thanks mostly to his Tesla shares.

antonio thank you

How Antonio made his fortune Thank you

Antonio Gracias launched a investment business while studying law, using $400,000 from family, friends and earnings from his days at Goldman, as well as a bank loan. MG Capital It started more like a procurement company, buying small, struggling manufacturing companies, with the goal of turning them around and selling them for a profit.

Upon finishing his law degree, chance intervened and altered the course of Gracias’ investments, when invested in Infinity, the software and payments startup. Musk’s payments company Confinity merged, X.com, and ended up renaming itself PayPal. It was acquired by eBay that same year for 1.5 billion dollars. As a result, MG Capital’s investment rose to return between three and four times what Thank you put. And it led to something much more lucrative for him: a relationship with Musk.

Antonio Gracias’s net worth in 2024

According to Forbes, Antonio Gracias’s net worth is $1.1 billion dollarsmainly thanks to investments.

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