history that links it to the Javeriana University

history that links it to the Javeriana University
history that links it to the Javeriana University

To talk about Hamburguesas El Corral is to mention a reference in Colombian gastronomy. With a long tradition in the country, its products have become popular and are currently present in shopping centers and large stores in the most visited cities or municipalities.

However, its diners know little about its history. In fact, some believe that it could be an international chain like McDonald’s or Burger King, with whom it fights to be the one that sells the most.

Well El Corral was founded by two Colombians: Pablo Emilio Bueno and Guillermo Calderón, in 1983. Its website says that the beginning of the operation was as a self-service casual dining restaurant.

One aspect that has drawn attention is that its two founders were 24 years old at the time they created this brand and were finishing their studies. studies at the College of Higher Administration Studies (CESA), with El Corral being his degree thesis.

The first location they opened in the capital is in front of the Javeriana University tunnel, in one of the most iconic places in Chapinero, a busy town in Bogotá. This tunnel is recognized by students from that university and other educational centers in the sector. Precisely, it was young people who first began to consume El Corral’s hamburgers.

Soon, The product of these two young people began to gain recognition and that is how they expanded.achieving a presence in shopping centers and other locations in the north of the capital and in the cities they were reaching.

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Who owns Hamburguesas El Corral

The growth of the company took place hand in hand with its two founders for more than 30 years and it was not until 2014 that an important change came for what at that time was already a company of national and international recognition: it was purchased.

Although there was constant speculation that there were several offers during its first 30 years of existence, it was in 2014 that Nutresa purchased El Corral. The amount of the negotiation is not known, but it is believed that it was one of the economic transactions up to that time.

When Nutresa came to management, changes were made in the establishments and the growth of this brand was evident. As this international was acquired in 2023, the current owner of El Corral is Gabriel Gilinski.

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