Chontico results TODAY, Friday, May 31

Chontico results TODAY, Friday, May 31
Chontico results TODAY, Friday, May 31

In Colombia, playing the lottery and participating in the chances is a common practice for those seeking to improve their economic situation through prizes. Chontico Día is one of the most popular draws in the country. This draw is held daily, including holidays, and attracts thousands of players throughout the national territory.

Chontico Día stands out for its accessibility and the possibility of turning a small investment into a significant reward. The prize system is structured to offer various rewards depending on the number of correct answers and the amount bet by each player. The variety in prize levels makes the game attractive to a wide range of players, increasing its popularity and participation.

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The prizes on Chontico Día depend on the correct numbers. Players who match all four figures in the draw can win up to 4,500 times the value of their initial bet., which allows you to obtain a considerable sum of money. Those who match three figures can win up to 400 times the amount bet. If a participant matches two figures, the prize is 50 times the bet, and matching only one figure guarantees a prize of 5 times the bet value.

Chontico results TODAY, Friday, May 31

For the draw this Friday, May 31, Chontico day had the number 8374 as the winner. These were the combinations of the winning chance numbers:

  • Last three figures: 374
  • First three figures: 837
  • Four figures: 8374

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When does Chontico play again?

Chontico Día plays its ballots from Monday to Sunday, including holidays, at 1:00 pm The next chance draw will be on Saturday, June 1, when participants have a new opportunity to win.

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