The mid-displacement sports car that revolutionizes the Asian market

The Chinese manufacturer revealed its new sports car: the 500SR Voom, a medium-displacement motorcycle with a neo-retro design inspired by the iconic models of the 90s.

CFMoto launched its new medium displacement gem, the 500SR Vooma model that combines advanced technology and a neo-retro style that evokes the legendary sports shoes of the 90s. With impressive power and an inspired design in both Japan and Italythis motorcycle promises to conquer two-wheeled enthusiasts.

The CFMoto 500SR Voom stands out mainly for its in-line four-cylinder engine, a rare propellant in its category. With a displacement of 500 cc, this impeller is capable of generating a power of 80 hp at 12,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 45 Nm at 10,000 rpm. These figures allow it to reach a declared maximum speed of 230 km/hwhich is notable for a motorcycle of its displacement.

The tubular chassis of the 500SR Voom It is complemented by an inverted fork and aluminum swingarm, offering optimal structural rigidity and precise handling. The striking front air inlets, together with daytime running lights integrated into the edge of the circles, not only improve aerodynamics, but also pay homage to the design of sports cars from decades past.

CFMoto showed its ability to innovate while paying tribute to the past, as the 500SR Voom features a retro image reminiscent of the iconic models of the 90s, with clear both Japanese and Italian influences. Design details, such as the two round air intakes and the headlight located below them, provide a distinctive and nostalgic touch.

CFMoto 500SR Voom neo retro motorcycle

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In terms of equipment, the 500SR Voom is not far behind. This version is equipped with advanced technology, the result of the 35 years of experience of the brand in the sector and that promise to highlight it even more in the sports segment.

Although it was announced that this model is initially aimed at the Chinese market, it is not unreasonable to think that over time this engineering marvel could be marketed in Europe, considering CFMoto’s close relations with KTM and its growing global presence.

In 2023, CFMoto had already shown a modern version of the 500SR, camouflaged, which followed in the footsteps of the 450SR. However, no further details had been revealed since then. The official presentation of the 500SR Voom Through a video on YouTube, he has surprised everyone by revealing a vehicle that combines the best of both worlds: a retro design with modern technology.

CFMoto 500SR Voom new 1

For all these reasons, the CFMoto 500SR Voom It is emerging as one of the most interesting sports motorcycles of the medium displacement market. Its powerful four-cylinder engine, combined with a design that evokes sports cars from the 90s and cutting-edge technology, makes it an attractive option for both fans of retro motorcycles and for those riders looking for performance and style in one. machine.

Although the new sports bike is currently intended for the Asian giant market, the possibility of it reaching the Old Continent It is not ruled out by the company. With CFMoto’s track record and global growth, the 500SR Voom could be a reality on European roads in the not too distant future.

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