Audi shakes up June with this SUV at a knockdown price

Audi shakes up June with this SUV at a knockdown price
Audi shakes up June with this SUV at a knockdown price

As with the vast majority of premium brands, in Audi In recent years, they have been betting on constantly implementing their range of 100 × 100 electric cars.

And the fact is that, as much as the German manufacturer is very aware that today it is still the combustion models that bring them the most joy in terms of sales, in the not too distant future the 100 × 100 electric cars are going to be the true dominators of the roads, and Audi does not want to be left behind in this sense.

That is why, apart from increasingly expanding its model offering, in Audi They also choose from time to time to apply interesting discounts to what are already some of those best-selling electric vehicles.

The Audi Q4 e-Tron Sportback offer

A good example of this is the interesting discount that the brand now applies to the coupe version of its Q4 e-Tronthe call Sportbackdiffers from the normal version by having a sportier design at the rear, but which obviously shares a range of engines and technology with the other versions.

Audi Q4 Sportback

Taking into account the different discounts as well as the aid from the government plan that seeks to encourage the sale of electric cars, the access version of this model remains below €50,000a really tempting price for those who want to make the jump to an electric car from a premium brand.

An access version that comes with a 286 horsepower engine of power and, above all, a battery that allows you to have 541 km of autonomy according to the WLTB homologation cycle, a figure that also makes it an interesting option for facing long trips on the road and highways, one of the Achilles heels of electric cars.

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