It is not hydrogen, but a green one

In the midst of the decarbonization process, a engine hybrid that fuses electricity with a new fuel which is not hydrogen. Faced with the search for new sources of supply, electric cars have reached unsuspected limits. It has even been considered that electrified vehicles are the future given the objectives of several nations to remove combustion engines from the scene.

Although there are several efficient electric models, it is still difficult to see them on equal terms with vehicles that run on gasoline or diesel. The lack of infrastructure, its high price and its limited autonomy are important obstacles that prevent the user from seeing it as viable as other options. In addition, manufacturers must change the usual methodology and adapt it or directly change it for a new technology.

Under these circumstances, several renowned brands are daring to release hybrid models offering more flexible options than purely electric ones. This is their grain of sand in a context of energy urgency.

The hybrid engine that could be the future

ford Serial production of the new model has begun ford explorer fully electric in its first plant dedicated to electric vehicles (EV) in Europeafter a considerable investment of 2,000 million dollars.

In this way, the ford explorer electric is the first vehicle to leave the production line of the Ford Cologne Electric Vehicle Centeranother step towards a new generation of high-quality passenger EVs.

But this is not the only piece that is attracting attention. A new one arrives crossover sports car that will be revealed very soon. Its production in Cologne will start at the end of 2024. The new explorer All-electric, it has a battery electric propulsion system installed to obtain zero exhaust gas emissions while driving, and more than 600 km of autonomy on a single charge.

“See the factory CologneFounded by ford in 1930, transformed into a state-of-the-art electric vehicle production plant is something amazing. The start of series production of electric vehicles, with the new explorer 100% electric, marks the beginning of a new era for ford in Europe“, has communicated Kieran Cahillvice president of manufacturing, ford in Europe and International Markets Group.

It should be noted that the Cologne Electric Vehicle Center has been equipped with cutting-edge AI, plus an orchestra of hundreds of carefully choreographed next-generation robots that will develop a new generation of high-quality electrified vehicles in Europe.

Ford dares with a car that runs on electricity and biomethane

It has self-learning machines and more than 600 new robots that perform welding, cutting, dusting, painting and fusion tasks, providing a rigorous balance to ensure precision, efficiency and quality. A new control center monitors the entire assembly procedure in real time, including every piece and nut.

“Monitoring and controlling each step of the manufacturing process, ford will reach unprecedented levels of quality for our clients,” he explained. Rene Wolfgeneral manager of manufacturing Ford Werke GmbH.

In addition to the proposals that reduce polluting emissions, water use and energy consumption, all the electricity and natural gas necessary for the correct operation of the plant They come from 100% certified renewable electricity and biomethane.

Ford Motor Company Its objectives include achieving carbon neutrality throughout its European chain by 2035, covering facilities, logistics and direct suppliers. This is how your engine hybrid that merges electricity with biomethane It becomes a more than promising option. Do you want to know more about the scope of electric cars? Here we tell you to what extent they are ecological.

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