RubiGol exploded against Colombian airline: ‘Avianca is shit’

The passenger did not hesitate to criticize Avianca.
The influencer did not hesitate to criticize Avianca. Credits: TikTok / rubigolazo.

Frequent traveler ‘RubiGol’ with Gold status denounced the country’s largest airline, Avianca, for a series of bad experiences he had during a 12-hour flight.

It’s official: Avianca has me as a son, Avianca has it inside me and I can’t get it out”were the words with which he began his complaint, showing great frustration due to the multiple disagreements with the airline.

RubiGol complained of discomfort on his flight with Avianca

The trip, which began with high expectations due to its Gold status in the Avianca loyalty program, quickly turned into a nightmare.

Despite its privileged position, the passenger was found assigned to a seat next to the bathroom doora situation he described as “a shit position.”

“I got to the chair and the bathroom door was 40 cm away. I thought in my head: ‘this won’t be so serious, people aren’t even going to go to the bathroom. Why am I going to stress over that shit?’” the young man commented.

“I am Gold, which makes me even more angry that all this is happening,” he expressed, regretting that, despite his loyalty and status, the airline failed to meet his minimum expectations of comfort and tranquility during the flight.

Throughout the flight, the passenger experienced a series of unfortunate incidents. From the beginning, the bathroom near his seat became the epicenter of unpleasant moments.

“The plane takes off, we were in the air and the bathroom sign comes on. The first thing he does is a man arrives and vomits,” described the passenger.

As time went by, the situation did not improve, since the frequent use of the bathroom by other passengers made it difficult for the young man to rest or sleep.

“Yes, I slept intermittently, with unpleasant smells and unpleasant sounds. Do you know what the worst is? “That the vast majority of the people who work at Avianca that I met are idiots,” said the passenger.

Avianca is shit”, concluded the passenger, reflecting his disenchantment with the airline. Although he recognized the quality of human service provided by Avianca staff, he stressed that operational management and conditions on board left much to be desired.

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