Parque Arauco inaugurates ‘dark store’ in the Parque Fabricato de Bello shopping center

Parque Arauco inaugurates ‘dark store’ in the Parque Fabricato de Bello shopping center
Parque Arauco inaugurates ‘dark store’ in the Parque Fabricato de Bello shopping center

In order to strengthen its omnichannel strategy, Parque Arauco announced that it opened its second dark store point in the country in the Parque Fabricato de Bello shopping center, which will include pickup and home delivery solutions.

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In that way, The company completes its fourth dark store at the regional level, after reporting in December 2023 the start of the service in Parque La Colina in Bogotá, Parque Arauco Kennedy in Chile and MegaPlaza Independencia in Peru (projected for the second half of 2024). It should be noted that the pick up and delivery services were launched by the company in 2020 and 2021, respectively in Parque Arauco Kennedy in Chile. Later, they have expanded to other assets in the region, such as Larcomar and MegaPlaza Chorrillos in Peru; and La Colina Park in Colombia.

With this announcement we reaffirm Parque Arauco’s leadership position at the regional level in omnichannel solutions, being a reflection of our commitment to innovation and the satisfaction of tenants and end customers. With these solutions, we deliver a seamless shopping experience adapted to people’s individual needs.”said César Morales, Corporate Experience Manager at Parque Arauco.

This new proposal will also work in alliance with the local startup: Simplistics, an expert company in fullfillment, which has operations in Colombia and Miami. Among the benefits of these services are minimizing costs for brands, integration and inventory management of participating tenants, provide restocking service, in addition to delivering all-in-one solutions thanks to the complementarity of pick up, delivery and dark store.

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La Colina Park

Courtesy Parque Arauco

“We are working closely with tenants and e-tailers to ensure a frictionless transition to this service at all levels. This initiative is expected to boost not only your sales at the mall, but also the overall satisfaction of our customers.“Morales added.

These types of initiatives have allowed the company to open up to entrepreneurs, e-tailers and medium-sized businesses without a physical presence in their malls, to incorporate warehouse and e-commerce services in a strategic location, making costs more efficient and increasing their sales. .

The dark store spaces, as well as the Parque Fabricato pick up and delivery point, are located in a strategic location in the shopping center, with easy access that does not interfere with customer vehicular traffic.

Regarding delivery times, Parque Pick Up allows the withdrawal of products “same day”, while Parque Delivery has a “same day” or “next day” dispatch mode as required by the customer. customer and the distance at which the destination address is located.


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