Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives renews itself to continue with its next stage of expansion in Mexico

From the union of the adhesive world of Ritrama, Arconvert, IP Venus and Acucote, the division of the Fedrigoni world is born, dedicated to the design and production of self-adhesive materials, which takes another step to consolidate itself in the Mexican market with the official launch of the Fedrigoni company. Self-Adhesives from Mexico.

Fedrigoni Group, dedicated to the production of special papers and self-adhesive solutions, is renewed after the integration process of Industrial Papelera Venus, a Mexican company acquired in 2020, and is moving forward with a strategy based on four growth pillars:

  • Increase operational efficiency and improve quality processes
  • Develop a new product portfolio, with an emphasis on specialized solutions
  • Strengthen the sales team and align the entire global supply chain
  • Launch ESG initiatives, focused on environmental, social and corporate governance goals

Under these premises, Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives will continue its growth in Mexico, becoming the preferred partner of brands, printers, converters and graphic designers, providing the best offering of products and services in premium self-adhesive solutions for companies in various sectors, including food and beverages, pharmaceutical, automotive, retail, real estate, as well as custom projects.

This new stage, company executives said, represents the end of the transition process that began three years ago with the acquisition of Venus, a Mexican company based in Mexico City in the self-adhesive materials sector.

“We believe that the self-adhesive industry will continue to consolidate. We have gone through a very arduous transformation process to become an attractive offer for the Mexican market from Fedrigoni,” said Augusto Arslanian, general director for Latin America.

During the presentation of the company’s new image and name, it was announced that, after completing the transformation process in Europe, the company will continue to grow and expand in Mexico, with the goal of doubling its sales.

With its facilities in the State of Mexico, it will attend to the needs of its clients in a timely and efficient manner.

“Now we are developing a different culture, we are going from a family business to a local company with all the global support,” Matteo Stori, Head of Transformation at Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives, said during the event.

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Solutions for the food and beverage market

Priscila Azevedo, Marketing Manager for Latin America, He explained that Fedrigoni participates in more than 20 sectors that range from store communication, automobile protection to segments that need more technological development, such as food and pharmaceuticals.

Regarding the food sector, he highlighted that adhesive labels can be made of materials such as polypropylene film, polyethylene, polyester and even coated paper. He also has linerless, specialty applications, as well as sustainable materials.

It also requires more advanced solutions, based on special technologies to withstand different temperatures, water and grease. At the same time, they seek to be functional in the case of packaging designed to keep food fresh.

Certifications are another area of ​​opportunity to comply with various local safety regulations in the food industry.

The company’s Marketing Manager in Mexico said that through good communication with customers you can innovate and add value to products. For example, we can contribute to “telling the story of a brand through a smart label, which describes where the product comes from, how and when it was made.”

“There are labels for each type of application, so communication with customers and the rest of the value chain is key because this way we will understand their needs and we can develop the correct and innovative product,” he said.

The solutions focused primarily on the food and beverage division are:

  • Edible oils, dressings, canned foods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Products from the meat industry, sausages, dairy products and dairy formulas;
  • Packaging of cereals, confectionery, chocolates, jams, bread, fruits and vegetables.
  • Pastas, sauces, snacks, food supplements, among others.

He clarified that the company is only dedicated to the production of white labels, since its clients are the ones in charge of printing and designing them.

Segura also said that in terms of sustainability they are always innovating due to growing market demand. He considered that offering solutions based on environmental care does not necessarily have to be more expensive.

“We need to do something for the environment, that is why we will always offer our clients sustainable solutions,” he assured.

In the case of labels for polystyrene bottles, they open the opportunity to develop nature-friendly solutions; Recyclable packaging also requires special labeling, he noted as an example.

“Devoting ourselves to self-adhesive materials means for us to be present in many sectors, serving almost all markets, from wine to pharmaceuticals, from visual communication to personalized projects,” the company highlighted.

During the official launch of Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives of Mexico, it was emphasized that the challenge and greatest objective of the company is to develop self-adhesive materials for almost all markets, from wine to pharmaceuticals, without leaving aside visual communication and customization. Photo: Courtesy Fedrigoni

Mexico, a market that brings them closer to the United States

The head of the marketing area for Latin America of the self-adhesive label manufacturer pointed out that they want to continue their expansion in Mexico because it is a very large market with many possibilities.

He mentioned that one of the country’s advantages is its geographical location with the United States.

“Part of our development is to turn to the United States, we export a lot to that country. So they are two markets that we look at as one, we manufacture in Mexico and we see the needs to export to the United States,” he commented.

Furthermore, another advantage is that all the developments carried out in Europe can be replicated in Mexico because it is a relevant market for the industry in which the company operates and in this way they contribute to its advancement and innovation in line with global trends.

He indicated that they are the main label manufacturers worldwide in the wine category, since they are producers of their own raw materials.

They have FSC™ certified paper and alternative products to paper derived from cellulose, cotton, bamboo, hemp, sugar cane and cocoa fibers. With this type of materials they make innovative materials available to the market.

Another measure they took was to reduce the proportion of virgin self-adhesive materials as raw materials, thus reducing energy consumption at the time of production, without losing their technical characteristics and performance. Recycled materials are incorporated into self-adhesive papers.

With these new strategies and following market trends, Fedrigoni seeks to advance innovation and offer tailored or personalized solutions for participants in the labeling industry in Mexico.

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