Chiara Ferragni finally tells what happened in Sanremo that almost cost her a divorce with Fedez: “Everyone supported me except him”

Chiara Ferragni finally tells what happened in Sanremo that almost cost her a divorce with Fedez: “Everyone supported me except him”
Chiara Ferragni finally tells what happened in Sanremo that almost cost her a divorce with Fedez: “Everyone supported me except him”

In a special episode of ‘The Ferragnez’ the couple shares with the world how a gesture by Fedez at the festival caused the biggest crisis in their marriage.

It is no secret that Chiara Ferragni’s time at the 2023 Sanremo Festival as godmother of ceremonies was an important moment in her professional career. But It was also the visit of her husband, Fedez, to the same festival that caused one of the biggest crises in the marriage. most viral in Italy and It was almost the end of it. At that time they were recorded by the public in an advertisement arguing next to the stage and the following weeks entering and leaving a couples therapy center, making their millions of followers feel the worst. Weeks later, through their social networks, they shared a photograph that seemed to be confirmation that everything had returned to normal. But what had really happened?

Well, we had to wait seven months to find out until the special episode of the family reality show ‘The Ferragnez’ has finally arrived on Prime Video about what the days were like around the famous Italian music festival. For Chiara Ferragni, as we have already seen, it was a very important moment to take a step forward as a reference for all women in a country and that is why she wanted to feel supported by her surroundings, especially by her husband: “I asked her to be there for me, without doing anything to upset me. I wanted to see him happy and proud of me, to encourage me, as I think I have done so many times for him. He told me he would do it, however it didn’t happen that way“explains the Italian in a preview.

Well then, During the festival Fedez went on stage and kissed the singer of the group Rosa Chemical, something that generated some controversy, but above all the rapper’s greatest act of betrayal of Chiara Ferragni. And she herself clarifies it, not because she kissed another person or because that person is a man – “Let him kiss whoever he wants, he has already done it,” she admits – but because she had done exactly what she had asked him not to do: “I asked him to be there as a spectator, for once, and not as an artist“. It was even more painful for her when she learned that this was not something coincidental, but that in one way or another they had planned it when that same morning the group’s singer was recording a podcast with Fedez.

The situation escalated in a matter of minutes because for the influencer Fedez’s attitude as soon as this happened was also quite disappointing, without worrying in the slightest about how she was after having done that: “Let him do what he wants as an artist, and always I will respect your freedom. As a life partner, I wanted your support. It hurts me that the person who was supposed to reassure me worried me more. It’s something you regret and it stays with you. I don’t think he fully understood how much it hurt me. How shocking that was for me. And knowing that they planned it a little, that they talked about it before, it hurt me twice as much“.

“Knowing that everyone supported me except him was difficult for me. He had to calm me down and reassure me, because that’s what you want in a partner, who makes you feel good and helps you. When he came backstage and saw how shocked she was, he realized she was angry. And still, she couldn’t be by my side. He was the only one who didn’t come to the dressing room.. It’s the only thing I missed. “I imagined it differently,” he says in the episode.

“It hurt me even more than I could have imagined.”

For Chiara Ferragni, controlling the situation in the middle of the festival was not easy: “It hurt me even more than I could have imagined. I was emotionally destroyed, sad, disappointed… I thought that if those emotions took over me in front of 12 million viewers, or if I disappeared for a moment, I wouldn’t forgive myself, because I had to be professional.. It is the work I have done for many months, and that of many people. I didn’t want to get angry with me, I didn’t deserve it. “It was difficult to return to that stage with a smile and not shake.”

The episode also covers the days that followed and how the couple managed this in the privacy of their home – but with cameras, of course -: “I really felt betrayed by trusting you on this, because you knew how much I cared.“, Chiara tells Fedez crying: “I am there for you when you need it, even if I am bad and even if you were the cause of my pain. In the future I simply want that, if I need you, you can be there. I connect with you when you are fragile, human. “Of course, the rapper did not hesitate to recognize his mistake:”One of the highest moments of your career, one of the most intense experiences of your career, I ruined it for you, and it is undeniable and there is no point in hiding it.. Sanremo was an ugly deviation from our relationship as a couple. I don’t want you to be the pillar, we are a family, and a family is sustained because it is a table that needs four legs to stay upright,” he tells her.

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