The evidence that Genoveva Casanova traveled to Denmark before her photos with Prince Frederick

The evidence that Genoveva Casanova traveled to Denmark before her photos with Prince Frederick
The evidence that Genoveva Casanova traveled to Denmark before her photos with Prince Frederick

When all eyes are on Genoveva Casanova (46 years old) after the publication, by Lecturas magazine, of her photographs with Federico from Denmark, the trip that Cayetano Martínez de Irujo’s ex-wife took just a month ago , Copenhagen takes on special relevance.

As Genoveva Casanova herself showed without any problem on social networks, the trip was for ‘musical purposes’, that is, she traveled to the capital of Denmark to enjoy one of her favorite artists, Luke Combs, where, as She said “she gave it her all.” And since she was in the city, and being a great art lover, she couldn’t stay without visiting one of the most important cultural enclaves of the capital, the National Museum.

The most striking thing about this trip is not that he had a great time at the concert or took the characteristic photos of any tourist who spends a few days in the city, but what he revealed. “I was getting to know the collection of items that my great-grandfather donated to the National Museum. He brought them personally on his boats across the Atlantic as the travel and adventure enthusiast that he was… I saw where it came from,” he shared on his social networks.


Well yes, Genoveva Casanova shares a link with the Danish lands through her beloved grandfather, from whom she inherited her enormous love for travel. But the truth is that, according to the photographs published by Lecturas, the Mexican has continued to maintain that link with Denmark. Now we know that the photography expert maintains a friendship with the heir to the crown, as can be seen in the photos that our magazine carries exclusively.

Genoveva Casanova and Federico from Denmark, together for Madrid

As Lecturas magazine has on its cover, Genoveva Casanova and the Danish heir shared 12 hours in Madrid. A quick trip in which he spent the night at her home. But first, they visited together corners such as Retiro Park or the El Corral de la Morería flamenco tablao, where they also had dinner.

At the tablao, they were able to enjoy the show from a booth, which completely preserved their privacy.


When they finished their evening in one of the flamenco temples, they headed to Genoveva’s house, where they had been before to change clothes. At night, they arrived together and he, at 8:30 the next day, left the residence of his hostess.

This meeting in Madrid would have occurred 19 days after Genoveva Casanova’s trip to Copenhagen, a visit in which there is no evidence that she met Federico or that they shared plans together. Genoveva maintains that they are good friends and that would explain the time they spent just two weeks ago in the capital.

The official statement from the Royal House of Denmark following the photos of Federico with Genoveva

Following the publication of this world exclusive, Denmark has also rushed to issue a statement. “We have had a long-standing policy of not commenting on or confirming any details relating to private matters. Furthermore, we would like to emphasize our commitment to respecting the privacy of members of the Royal Family, including the Crown Prince.”

For her part, Genoveva Casanova insists that she and Federico are just good friends. He told Ana Rosa Quintana, who was able to speak with the protagonist of the day, that they have had a friendship “for years” and that they were just “friends who see each other in Madrid.”

The common interests of Federico and Genoveva Casanova

The truth is that the two are united by a common passion: art. This mother of two came to Spain when she was only 24 years old to continue her studies. In Mexico she had studied Philosophy, but from a very young age she felt attracted to art and culture. It was then when she met Cayetano Martínez de Irujo and they began their love story. Being related to the Alba family was a gift for her because it is one of the families with the most extensive artistic heritage in our entire country. In addition, she deepened her knowledge of photography, a hobby that has led her to exhibit on several occasions.

For his part, Federico de Denmark trained in Political Science, but he has always been fascinated by art. In fact, the publication of the photographs of him with Genoveva caught him in the midst of visiting the exhibition that Copenhagen dedicates to Sorolla; one of the reasons for Felipe and Letizia’s visit to Denmark.

Where is everyone now?

While Frederick of Denmark is having dinner with his wife Mary Donaldson and with the kings of Spain, during the monarchs’ state visit to the northern European country; Genoveva’s plan is very different. This information bomb surprised her in Spain and at her home, where she has received calls from journalists, to whom, without changing a comma, she has told that she and Federico share a good friendship. Nothing else.

These are hectic times for Genoveva Casanova who this past summer experienced a great scare with her health. The Mexican suffered a pulmonary embolism which, in turn, caused a heart attack and a stroke. This led her to spend 8 days in the hospital and to have a slow recovery, which is still underway.

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