The nickname with which the Danish press calls Genoveva Casanova after her scandal with Federico of Denmark

The nickname with which the Danish press calls Genoveva Casanova after her scandal with Federico of Denmark
The nickname with which the Danish press calls Genoveva Casanova after her scandal with Federico of Denmark

It was two weeks ago when Lecturas magazine exclusively published the photographs of Genoveva Casanova (47 years old) and Federico de Denmark (55 years old) walking through Madrid. Since then, it has been one of the most talked about topics internationally. In Denmark, the photos have caused quite a stir. Just like commented Ana Rosa Quintana yesterday on their program ‘TardeAR’, where they exclusively broadcast the moving images of Federico leaving Genoveva’s house, “I suppose these images are a scandal in your country, regardless of Genoveva. He is an heir to the Crown coming to Spain.” A scandal that has made the Mexican’s name ring out there more than ever.

The interest of the Danish press in Genoveva Casanova

As soon as they came out the photos published exclusively by Lecturas magazine, in Denmark I didn’t know who Genoveva Casanova was. The moment coincided with the state visit of Kings Felipe and Letizia there, and this meant that there was a Spanish press in Copenhagen. Some, like Casa Real expert Mariángel Alcázar, told how from that moment on, the Danish press began to ask who she was and to be interested in knowing everything about it. In these two weeks, they have told different questions about her life and she has become a regular name in the media there, where she would be known by a most significant nickname.

Genoveva Casanova’s nickname in Denmark

As reported by the magazine ‘Semana’ after having accessed some Danish media, the name with the report from the Danish press is addressed to Genoveva Casanova is ‘Fede’s friend’. It is one of the most recurring nicknames there to mention the ex-wife of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo every time they talk about the photos that Federico de Denmark starred in with her.

The reappearance of Genoveva Casanova on Instagram

For now, Genoveva Casanova has not spoken about the fact that they talk about her in Denmark. But after a few days of silence, she has reappeared on social networks. She has done it for a completely different reason. Monday, November 20th marked 9 years of the death of the Duchess of Alba, to whom she was very close, and the Mexican wanted to have a very special detail in memory of her former mother-in-law.

Genoveva Casanova published on Instagram a photo in which he appears with Doña Cayetana and wrote a nice message. “I miss you so, so much… Your love, your sense of humor, your motherly way of worrying and taking care of us… How I wish you hadn’t left. Although sometimes I still feel you here next to me,” were the words with which he expressed how he misses her, even more so in these moments marked by the fact that her name is at its most popular.

However, it became the great absentee from the tribute mass that Cayetano Martínez de Irujo celebrated in memory of his mother. In previous years, Genoveva Casanova did go with her ex-husband and father of her children to this important family event. But on this occasion, she would have preferred not to attend so as not to cause a stir at such an important and solemn moment.

The one who was with the rider on such an important afternoon for him, It was his girlfriend Bárbara Mirjan. And the one who didn’t want to miss the mass either It was Alfonso Díez, who was the husband of the Duchess of Alba and who 9 years after her death, continues to have a good relationship with his children.

The nickname of Frederick of Denmark for many years

Following the nickname Genoveva Casanova, it is worth remembering the nickname by which Prince Frederick of Denmark has been known for many years. It is about from ‘Prince Turbo’. It was when during his relationship with Malou Aamund, with whom he went out to celebrate New Year’s Eve in 1992, she drove while intoxicated, he was next to her and the police intercepted them. Another of the most talked about episodes in his life and which earned him that name.

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