The luxurious life of Rosauro Varo, the millionaire boyfriend of Amaia Salamanca

The luxurious life of Rosauro Varo, the millionaire boyfriend of Amaia Salamanca
The luxurious life of Rosauro Varo, the millionaire boyfriend of Amaia Salamanca

Rosauro Varo (44 years old) is a man who has known how to maintain discretion despite being married to one of the most famous actresses in our country and despite being a businessman who has been part of some of the most notable businesses with which he has achieved reap a vast fortune. But, although he has always tried to keep both his personal and work life private, there are several aspects that are known about the life of Amaia Salamanca’s partner (37 years old). Below we review what are those issues that have marked his life both in terms of family and work.

The relationship between Rosauro Varo and Amaia Salamanca

Personally, Rosauro Varo and Amaia Salamanca have been together for many years. The businessman and the actress began their relationship in the summer of 2010. What could have remained the typical love of a summer vacation, became more. The couple formalized their relationship and they have now been together for thirteen years.

Although they do not usually talk about their relationship, Amaia Salamanca found it inevitable to do so during her participation in ‘Planeta Calleja’. The actress told Jesús Calleja some time ago that “I met Rosauro Varo at a party in Ibiza. I had a lot of fun. He is a very attentive person, he is always aware that everything is fine, if you are missing something, and very gentlemanly. He is also a very funny person. The next day we went to another party… After four days without speaking to my parents, I talk to them and tell them that I have fallen in love.” A few words with which he spoke of the crush he felt on the father of his children.

Rosauro Varo and Amaia Salamanca have three children in common

Because the highlight of the love story of Rosauro Varo and Amaia Salamanca is the large family they have formed. They are parents of three children to whom they dedicate all the time that their jobs allow. With them they lead a life that they try to keep as far away from the spotlight as possible. From time to time, the couple has posed together for a very special occasion, but it is something they have done exceptionally.

The famous people with whom Rosauro Varo was related before Amaia Salamanca
After thirteen years together, Rosauro Varo can boast of having found stability with Amaia Salamanca. A stability that he did not find with his previous partners, among whom it was rumored that there was a familiar face. Two of the names that were most popular were Vicky Martín Berrocal and Eugenia Martínez de Irujo. Something that no one confirmed.

Rosauro Varo’s businesses

And you can’t talk about Rosauro Varo without talking about his businesses. Although in terms of popularity he is best known for being Amaia Salamanca’s partner, Rosauro is one of the men who has earned the most money in our country with his role as a businessman. As the ‘ABC’ media reported at the time, his professional career began at the age of 17, when he worked as a bottle deliveryman for parties. Shortly after, he organized a New Year’s Eve party with 1,500 euros that his parents gave him. He invested the profits in several stores and from there he began in the business world, where he has managed to reap a great fortune.

Over the years, there are several sectors to which Rosauro Varo has dedicated herself. Amaia Salamanca’s boyfriend has dedicated himself to the nightlife sector, being part of emblematic nightclubs, to mobile phone distribution, to fashion with children’s fashion franchises, to VTC cars… Businesses in which he has known how to invest and that he has known how to leave at the right time to earn money and invest in others. An activity that he would carry out from the company of which he is president and founder.

Rosauro Varo is also part of business associations, is a shareholder in different renowned companies and has served as a professor of higher studies related to business. The clear example of how influential he is in the business world and how he is one of the most prominent businessmen in our country. Without passing up the fact that he is also part of foundations with which he brings out his social commitment to different issues.

Business has also earned Rosauro Varo some displeasure. One of the most notorious, when his beach bar in Estepona caught fire. A fire reached the premises where he was a partner and the images were shocking because of how it had been destroyed.

Rosauro Varo’s real estate properties

But, although from time to time he has suffered some difficulties in business, success has always been ahead. A triumph that has translated into having several real estate properties. One of the most notable, a palace house that would be in one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of Seville. Another house in Seville, an apartment in Estepona or a property in one of the most luxurious urbanizations in Madrid would be some of those that Amaia Salamanca’s partner has.

Rosauro Varo’s famous friends

And Rosauro Varo is also rich in friends. His entire business career, added to his marriage to Amaia Salamanca, has meant that the businessman has made many friends, including some famous names. The president of Inditex Marta Ortega and her husband Carlos Torreta, the model Eugenia Silva and her husband Alfonso de Borbón and the businessman Javier Hidalgo are some of those who are part of Rosauro’s closest circle.

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