The sabbatical years of their children that worry the Infantas

Setbacks in your studies

Miguel Urdangarin and Irene Urdangarin take a sabbatical year

Victoria Federica has redirected her career as an influencer without finishing her studies

Froilán will be out of work in the summer and is already planning his future in Abu Dhabi

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    • 05/01/2024 16:03
    • Updated: 05/01/2024 16:03

As is the case with all mothers in the world, the daughters of King Juan Carlos are worried about the work future of their children, almost all of them in their twenties, dedicated to work projects that, in some cases, have little or nothing to do with their studies. While it is true that being a royal relative already portends a successful future, the paths they have taken Miguel and Irene Urdangarin, Froilan and Victoria Federicathey worry their mothers, the infantas Cristina and Elena.

Comparisons are odious, but it seems that Eleanorthe heir to the throne of Spain and in the future will be Queen, and Sofia, They are the ones with the most responsibilities and challenges to fulfill. It is known that Felipe and Letizia’s first-born daughter is advancing, with very good grades, in the general military academy of the Army, as a lady cadet, in the 2023-24 academic year of the General Military Academy of Zaragoza. The young woman will finish her instruction in the Aragonese capital on June 19.

Victoria Federica, Leonor and Froilán in childhood. (Photo: Gtres)

For her part, Infanta Sofía is studying the International Baccalaureate in Wales at the same boarding school where her sister studied, at the UWC Atlantic College in the British city.

Miguel and Irene Urdangarin take a sabbatical year

A few weeks ago, specifically at the end of March, Miguel Urdangarin suffered a significant injury to his right knee while taking a ski instructor course while descending in Geneva, Switzerland. In fact, had to be operated for that and has ahead six months of rehabilitation to recover and resume their training. The young man is going through this ‘bad patch’ in Geneva, where he lives with his mother, Infanta Crista, and his sister, Irene Urdangarin.

gap year Miguel Urdangarin
Infanta Cristina Urdangarin and her children, Miguel and Irene Urdangarin in Genoa. (Photo: Gtres)

Well, although everything is working as planned and Miguel is moving forward with ‘good spirits’ in his recovery, he has made a decision after undergoing a sabbatical year. According to what he has learned, once he is 100% recovered from his injury and finishes his ski instructor course in Switzerland, Iñaki Urdangarin’s son will think about whether to enter the postgraduate course that he was thinking about. Of course, the young man already has a university degree. Study in Southampton, in the National Oceanography Center (NOCS)a pioneer in ocean and Earth science research.

He is not the first in the family to take a break. His sister, Irene, has also put her studies on hold. The youngest of Infanta Cristina will not begin his hospitality studies at the EHL Hospitality Business School in Lausanne as expected, since it will participate in cooperation projects in developing countries. A decision that his entire family supports because after this turning period, he will indeed go to university.

Juan Froilán in the United Arab Emirates and Victoria Federica as queen of Instagram

The future Felipe Juan Froilán in the Arab Emirates and under the supervision of King Juan Carlos, seems to be in question. The young man ends its contract with the Climate Summit in June, although the event itself ended last Christmas. Afterwards, little or nothing is known about his short-term plans. What he is clear about is that he does not want to return to Spain. According to the magazine Hello, Froilán’s life seems to be getting on track, “he has matured a lot. Hence, he does not want to return to Spain at the moment and the idea is, after vacation, to resume his studies and start a new job,” says the publication. In addition, they point out that he has joined the gym and is following a healthy diet.

gap year Miguel Urdangarin
Victoria Federica and Felipe Juan Froilán at the wedding of Almeida and Teresa Urquijo. (Photo: Gtres)

For its part, Victoria Federica, has made a name for himself as an influencer on social networks, and will even participate in one of the most watched contests on television: ‘El Desafío’. A role that had never been seen in members of Spanish royalty. It is also common to see her at parties with some of her professional colleagues, or at fashion shows of large fashion brands. Whether she will go to university has not been talked about for some time. Logically, her mother, Infanta Elena, does not support this decision, since the members of the king’s family have always boasted of having a university degree.

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