The first photo of Wanda Nara completely naked was leaked

The first photo of Wanda Nara completely naked was leaked
The first photo of Wanda Nara completely naked was leaked

However, the businesswoman and media person did not expect that a few hours after the announcement one of her completely naked postcards would go viral.

The photo in question is none other than the one that appeared on the cover of the profile that Wanda already has it on the page, where other famous people like Barby Silenzi, Adabel Guerrero either María Fernanda Callejón. “Welcome to my official account on Divasplay. Here you are going to see me like you have never seen me before.”can be read along with the more than sensual photography.

The truth is that this Thursday, after the largest of the nara made the announcement from his networks, the journalist SebastianPampito’ Perello Aciar revealed in Intruders (América TV) that if this business goes well, Wanda could earn more than a million dollars during 2024.

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Wanda Nara showed the details of the luxurious dressing room that her daughters will inherit: the video

This May 1st, Wanda Nara She shared on social media the luxurious dressing room that her daughters will inherit Francesca and Isabellawhere he showed in detail the large collection of handbags and shoes from leading European brands that he owns.

“Moment of order, it’s going to be incredible”the businesswoman indicated in her Instagram stories while she was filming each of the purses of different colors, sizes and designs that she had.

“Look what this is, I thought it had been stolen from me in Paris, it turns out you were here, I cried for this bag”she said excitedly when she found one of her favorite purses that she thought she had lost.

And he continued with his story: “I’m arranging all these bags, where do I start? Sometimes I say ‘I want to get rid of something’ but what? If it’s one prettier than the other”.

“I don’t know if my daughters are going to value… I don’t know if they like bags as much as I do, that’s the worst thing. “I am going to be one of those mothers who lends them everything”thought Wanda regarding the future of her two daughters in a few years and whether they will use those expensive handbags.

“I’m still going to give them two bags a night so they can go out. I love the glitter and the miniatures, what an obsession, I have them in all the colors.”finished Wanda Nara, clarifying that he usually buys new wallets in each of the countries he goes and that is why he has some models that are almost identical to each other. A true luxury!

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