What is inherited, is not bought: this is Jonathan, the younger brother of William Levy

Like father Like Son. Without a doubt, William Levy He is one of the leading men who has conquered the hearts of the international audience. In addition to his talent, the “Beware the Angel” artist melts hearts with his perfect face.

He is a renowned Cuban actor and model.

However, not everything is rosy in the life of the actor who was born in Cuba. With several ups and downs and scandals surrounding his recent separation from Elizabeth Gutiérrez, with whom he had Christopher and Kaile, the model has not escaped the main news portals.

But this time, It is a reason that has nothing to do with his romantic history that captured all eyes: it is about nothing more and nothing less than his brother. What’s it called?

William with his brother Jonathan.

With two brothers, Jonathan and Barbara, William Levy is the only one in the family clan who opted for a media career and achieved success with great soap operas, television projects, advertisements, among others.

However, it is the youngest of the brothers of Elizabeth Gutiérrez’s now ex who does not go unnoticed and steals all the attention in the 2.0 world.

This is Jonathan Levy.

Unlike William LevyJonathan maintains a low media profile and sporadic activity on Instagram. With more than 8,500 followers, the 26-year-old makes no secret of important family milestones and achievements.

They are precisely recognitions that William obtained, birthdays or some of the activities that he is passionate about, the protagonists in some of his publications. feed.

The youngest of the Levys with his friends.

With the same passion as William Levy Because of baseball, Jonathan enjoys sporting events. Furthermore, it is the moments shared with friends, trips and family gatherings that he keeps in his virtual space.

Proud of his brother, the “Café con Aroma de Mujer” actor did not hesitate when he was questioned about his relationship with the youngest of his brothers.

William’s brother keeps a low profile.

“For my little brother, I am not only his brother, but I am like his father. When he was born, my mother separated from his father, I have given him all the support he has needed, that is, I am always supporting him in the things he needs. “he likes them,” the producer told People.

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