The Agapornis singer’s defense after harsh criticism for her voice: “You sing horribly”

The Agapornis singer’s defense after harsh criticism for her voice: “You sing horribly”
The Agapornis singer’s defense after harsh criticism for her voice: “You sing horribly”

Juliana Gallipoliti against the haters (TikTok)

Since Lovebirds burst onto the La Plata music scene in 2010, its distinctive sound marked a before and after in Argentine urban music. Revered for his pioneering role in promoting cumbia pop, covers like “Persiana Americana,” originally by soda Stereoand “If you leave”, from Shakiraamong other successes, consolidated the group as a benchmark of that style.

The first female voice, Belén María Condomí Alcortaleft the group in 2013, followed by Melina Lezcanowho departed in 2022, and Aldana Massetwho left the group in mid-2023. Thus, at the end of that year, it was known that the new voice of the group is Juliana Gallipolitiwho stood out from his first foray into the small screen when he reached the final stage of The Argentine Voicein 2018 and later began his career as a soloist.

Thus, in the last few days, Juliana along with the rest of the group appeared on the program Mirtha Legrand And beyond the good reception they had in part of the audience, the singer preferred to focus on the negative comments, and through a video published on her social networks, reflect on the subject.

Juliana Gallipoliti together with Agapornis were present on Mirtha Legrand’s program (IG julianagallipoliti)

Well, yesterday I was at Mirtha’s and I received a lot of hate“, began the story of the young woman, who in the background left the images of what she experienced in the diva’s studio. As highlighted by Juliana, who already has experience when it comes to facing the cameras after her time on the singing reality show, she clarified that “The truth is that I don’t usually give much thought to hatebut I wanted to speak a little from my place as a person who exposes himself and is prone to receive it.”

As he explained in the TikTok video, at the end of the broadcast of the program he took some time to review social networks and read what feedback he received after his performance, the opinions of the general public: “I was surprised because the truth is the thing is I didn’t expect there to be so much hate“, she was surprised, highlighting that “there were comments that my voice was horriblethat it was out of tune, that they wanted Mel Lezcano to return and a lot of things.”

It was then that he revealed that “I’m not going to lie to you, the truth is that I did get a little upset because obviously it’s really ugly to read a lot of things that suddenly they don’t like about you,” although after that first moment, it would come the time of reflection. “Later at home, calm, I started to look at these comments, if I could get something positive, something good to improve, to be better next time, and I realized that I couldn’t get anything,” she said.

During the last World Cup, Juliana Gallipoliti shared a video encouraging the National Team and users filled her with comments due to her notable resemblance to Lionel Messi’s wife.

According to his interpretation, none of the comments he received criticizing his performance came from the construction site: “Some comments, many, were ‘you sing badly’, ‘you sing horribly’… and well, if you don’t like how I sing, you can not listen to it and that’s it, pass it on and not comment on it”, and then come to the conclusion that “I feel that these haters, what we call them, are people who don’t dare and need to criticize because they are not doing anything. “He who does, he does not criticize. He is doing it, he has no time to criticize.”

To close her idea captured in the video she uploaded to her TikTok account, where she has almost 50,000 followers, Juliana expressed: “For me, the biggest and most important advice is ‘If you want to do something, do it, because they are going to criticize you anyway.. And if you are a hater and you continue to criticize and you are one of those people who come in and comment, I would say ‘cheer up’, and you will realize that you are going to stop criticizing because you are going to be doing it, and that is more important.”

Juliana is an artist from Corrientes who, despite her young age, 24 years old, managed to position herself alongside the greats: she dazzled in the end of The Argentine Voice, impacted Sing with me now and participated in a show with Tini Stoessel.

Precisely, he was part of the team of the Triple T on La Voz Argentina in 2018, whom he conquered with his version of “If I ain’t got you”, by Alicia Keys. Tini was the first to press the button and the young woman, originally from Corrientes capital, did not hesitate to choose to be part of that team, which would take her to the final.

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