Former RBD manager involved in scandal for alleged embezzlement on the “Soy Rebelde” tour spoke

Former RBD manager involved in scandal for alleged embezzlement on the “Soy Rebelde” tour spoke
Former RBD manager involved in scandal for alleged embezzlement on the “Soy Rebelde” tour spoke
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What was the successful and long-awaited return of RBD to the stage with his “I am Rebelde Tour” At the end of 2023, the tour’s profits became embroiled in a scandal over allegations of possible financial fraud from Guillermo Rosas, the band’s own former manager.

Roses, who He worked with the Mexican band during his return to the stage, he finds himself at the center of this controversy after rumors about the diversion of funds related to the successful concert series in Colombia, the United States, Brazil and Mexico that marked their meeting at the end of 2023.

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It is stated that Rosas, in his role as manager, could have manipulated the income generated by the tourwhich has given rise to a audit to determine if fraud was actually committed.

The first response from a member of the group was from the actress and singer Dulce María, who confirmed that “Like any company where there were irregularities, we are in audits and irregularities have already emerged from the first audit, it is not gossip”.

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Andrés Tovar, Maite Perroni’s husband, also referred to the dispute and indicated the existence of a “shortcoming” in the tour earnings. “There is an audit in progress. They are reviewing the entire internal issue of the tour and are also considering talking to the companies involved to look at the issue of resources, where are they? How much is it?” Tovar had said on the Mexican program ‘Ventaneando’.

For its part, Rosas has denied all accusations, calling them a “smear campaign.”

“In no way and at no time, nor T6H Entertainmentneither Guillermo Rosas, nor any employee of the company, diverted or made illicit use of any type of money from Soy Rebelde Tour. Nor did he participate in any type of embezzlement of any kind, as some media have suggested,” was the statement from the company in charge of organizing the tour, revealed by People magazine.

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“T6H is in the understanding that The artists’ company will also be carrying out audits of companies external to T6H, involved in the income and administration of the tour. And of course, T6H “He will cooperate in the manner required in all these processes.”

Likewise, he explained that T6H “He only handled less than ten percent (10%) of the tour’s total revenue. “These were administered by T6H mainly during the pre-production stage for the realization of this project.”

For now, a second audit will be carried out to the company to evaluate if there is any fraud or misuse of funds in charge of T6H

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