Paula Chaves and the memory of her childhood that made her emotional: “I told my dad to never die”

Paula Chaves and the memory of her childhood that made her emotional: “I told my dad to never die”
Paula Chaves and the memory of her childhood that made her emotional: “I told my dad to never die”

Paula Chaves and her relationship with her father: “I asked him not to die” (Noche al Dente – América)

In Al Dente Night (America), each close of the day emotions are on the surface and, sometimes, questions from Fer Dente They function as a trigger for interviewees to share unknown stories from their lives. The same thing happened this Tuesday, when Paula Chaves She visited the cycle and spoke about the musical themes that marked her.

It was during the “The album of your life” segment. As usual, a song began to play, in this case “Father & Son”, performed by Rod Stewart. Immediately, the model and host became excited: “My dad loved this song“, he said, to immediately clarify that his father did not die. “my dad is alive. I’m not going to start crying because he’s dead. But I don’t know, it’s like the passage of time has become flesh to me,” she explained.

Then she explained: “I see myself as a little girl with him, who sang that song that talks about how to tell a child that he will no longer be around tomorrow, and I remember that I told him: ‘I don’t want you to ever die‘. ‘At some point I’m going to die,’ he told me. And I asked him to please not die: ‘What do I do if you are not there?‘”.

Time passed and the moment arrived when Paula was on the other side. “Now it happens to me with my children. At times I think that the day he is gone, because we are all going to die, and I feel that I have explain to them with temperance that I will not be there tomorrow. “He kills me,” she said, her voice breaking into tears.

Paula Chaves and Pedro Alfonso in a recent family postcard with Olivia, Baltazar and Filipa

After reflection, it was time for laughter. “Why the hell did I choose this topic? “I knew it was going to happen to me!” Paula questioned, which caused widespread laughter that cut the silence in the studio. Thus, while they both dried their tears, the driver reproached her that, instead of choosing that song, she could have asked for one from Xuxa.

However, Chaves returned to the memory and added: “My father always spoke to me in a way that was so… I remember that he tried to tell me: ‘Well, at some point we are all going to die’ and I thought: ‘But how does he tell me so lightly?’, and now it happens to me when I tell my children. Baltazar asks me: ‘Are you going to die?’ And I tell him yes, at some point yes. I don’t like to say ‘die’, I like to say ‘depart’. “We are all going to leave.”

According to Paula, after that conversation, her son wanted to delve deeper into the topic: “How am I going to leave? Am I going to go up and what? Where will i be?”. Far from evading the answer, she was sincere: “You ask me questions that I don’t know how to answer“, Told him. And he added: “Maybe I also give it that lightness that my dad gave it at that moment, and my son must be thinking what I thought of my old man.”

Paula Chaves married Pedro Alfonso in 2014 and they have three children: olivia who was born in 2013, just a year before his parents’ wedding. Three years later, in 2016, she was born Baltazarand Filipa completed the family in 2020.

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