María Eugenia Ritó, hours before Jesica Cirio’s wedding: “We all kneel”

María Eugenia Ritó, hours before Jesica Cirio’s wedding: “We all kneel”
María Eugenia Ritó, hours before Jesica Cirio’s wedding: “We all kneel”

María Eugenia Ritó turned on the fan. Hours before Jesica Cirio’s wedding, the ex-vedette didn’t mess around and targeted Jesica without a filter. Cirio this time will not sit still and she will take judicial action.

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Everyone knows that I made Jesica Cirio known. Things that don’t work, he has behaved very badly with me. I wish him well. He is so skilled that he will be able to solve all your problems. It wasn’t bad. “She knows how to do things well,” Ritó shot.

La Ritó said her thing and even hit Sofía Clerici (Video: América).

“She has a lot of money. I wish I had the fourth part. The only thing I can tell you: We all did the same, we all kneeled. Now all the ladies are done. The public knows it. Shame is stealing. They all do it, and forget about their past. They have the little money well kept,” she added, implacable.


María Eugenia Ritó hit him hard and without mincing words to Jesica Cirio. In Show Partners showed the dancer’s strong statements against the host, expressed on the streaming platform “Luzu TV”. “Is there anyone who has been able, post something that really hurt you?”, they asked the former vedette.

“Yeah! Jessica Cirio. Yes, because I made it known, everyone knows it. I didn’t like what she did to me and I felt that, to me, she was a bad person.. Well, I hope everything goes well for you with everything that’s happening to you. I wish him the best,” Ritó ironically, without making a veiled reference to the judicial problems that Martín Insaurralde’s ex-wife faces as a result of the “yachtgate”.

And he continued without a filter: “I introduced him to a girl so that he could be her friend and do other things. Well, I’m not going to talk about what topics. She told me ‘tell him you don’t know me’. He doesn’t answer the phone, he doesn’t follow you. Do you forget like I…? I remember, I made her known. And now I tell him ‘hey, let’s see, introduce me to a contact. Do you think she’s going to talk to me? She becomes the lady”.

María Eugenia Ritó, without turns (mariaeugeniarito – Instagram).

“And other he wants to do the other thing when everyone knows what he did his whole life. And today he is who he is. Afterwards he was skilled, with many things, to do a lot of business, as you will see,” María Eugenia closed, while everyone in the streaming covered their faces from laughter at the things she had just dedicated to Cirio.

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