Céline Dion: Prime Video documentary chronicles her fight against a rare disease [VIDEO]

Telling the story of her life, Céline Dion opens her heart in the documentary I’m Celine Dion where, in the trailer, it shows “an honest and raw look behind the scenes of the iconic superstar’s fight against a disease that has changed his life,” explained Prime Video.

The Canadian artist shares important moments in her career, but breaks down when talking about the neurological illness she suffers from that prevents her from singing. However, she strives to recover her life because “I missed them a lot, the people, but I didn’t I’m going to stop, I’m not going to give up,” he is heard saying.

From hanging out with Céline Dion on a tour of her haute couture wardrobe or personal items on tour, to spending time with her in the recording studio, the documentary captures the star’s never-before-seen private life.

I’m Celine Dion spans more than a year of recording while the legendary performer, who immortalized pieces like My heart will go on and power of loveworks tirelessly to live an open and authentic life, despite the illness.

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What illness does Céline Dion suffer from?

In the trailer, Celine Dion Explain how you felt when you were told of the diagnosis. Rigid Person Syndrome (RPS) and he states that, at first, he couldn’t say a word. Prime Video presents the documentary as “a love letter to her ‘fans'”, where the singer opens up to explore her past and her present, while she reveals her struggle with this evil. .

He SPR It is an incurable neurological condition that deteriorates muscle control, and he tells how he struggles to continue with his life between vocal therapies, exercises and medications.

The documentary I’m Celine Dion It is produced by Irene Taylor, Stacy Lorts, Julie Begey Seureau and Tom Mackay, and executive produced by Dave Platel, Denis Savage, Shane Carter and Krista Wegener; will be available exclusively on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories around the world.

“If I can’t run, I’ll walk. If I can’t walk, I’ll crawl. I’m not going to stop,” says the determined performer, ready to get her life back after the disease kept her from the stage in 2022.

What did Céline Dion’s sister say about her health?

In an interview with the magazine Hello! In September 2023, Céline Dion’s sister shared details about the iconic singer’s health. According to her, Céline faces daily difficulties resulting from her diagnosis of rigid person syndrome. Unfortunately, the situation has not shown significant improvements so far.

“Céline is fighting every day to overcome her difficulties. The situation has not improved (…) It is an illness about which we know very little. There are spasms that are impossible to control. People often jump up at night for a cramp in the leg or calf, this is a bit like that, but in all the muscles,” he commented.

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