María Becerra’s ironic response to a follower who called her “villera” and who criticized her for eating cupcakes

María Becerra’s ironic response to a follower who called her “villera” and who criticized her for eating cupcakes
María Becerra’s ironic response to a follower who called her “villera” and who criticized her for eating cupcakes

Maria Becerra (24) He announced on his social networks the plans he had to celebrate the Next Saturday the May Revolution in a very patriotic way. But a user criticized her and the artist responded with a ironic comment that went viral.

It all started when the singer wrote on her X account (former Twitter), where three million people follow her, what she wanted to do during the May 25 holidayespecially due to the low temperatures that are announced for that date.

In a post, the artist from Quilmes wrote: “They say that May 25 is going to be the coldest day of the year and MAY it snow…can you imagine?”

“You start listening How could I love her of Mario Luis with some cupcakes and warm tea, then you look out the window and it’s SNOWING… WOW”, Becerra listed his plans on how he would like to spend the national holiday.

Not happy with what María had published, a user criticized her: “These things about María Becerra give me a cringe (shame of others). “Friend, you always want to be the most villera, the most humble.”

The interpreter of Empty heart She did not want to remain silent in the face of this comment and decided to respond in the same way.

María Becerra revealed how she would like to spend the May 25 holiday.

“But if it’s May 25 and that day one of the things they eat are cupcakes with mate, ridiculous… ARGENTINE patriotic day“he wrote on the aforementioned social network.

María Becerra responded to the criticism of a tweeter.

Then, with sarcasm, María taunted her: “But If you want, I’ll celebrate by taking a skinny caramel macchiato with red fruit topping listening to Céline Dion so that it doesn’t bother you.

The artist’s followers quickly viralized the ingenious response, which in a few hours reached three million views, 130 thousand “likes” and had 13 thousand shares.

The comments that María Becerra received for her ingenious response to criticism.

Users also celebrated the clever response with comments such as: “Iconic”, “Domaste”, “I love you”, “What a queen”.

Did María Becerra criticize Emilia Mernes?

Although most of the comments on the artist’s post were positive, other users found a possible double reading that It involves Duki’s girlfriend.

Did María Becerra target Emilia Mernes?

“Messing with Emilia again, cut off the jealous one,” a tweeter commented and added a screenshot with the lyrics of the song The Chain in which Mernes claims to be having a “skinny caramel macchiato.”

A tweeter observed that María Becerra could be hinting at Emilia Mernes.

Coincidentally, the same type of drink that María mentioned in her tweet as an example of a foreign custom and not at all in keeping with the national day.

Another user also criticized him: “How annoying, always wanting to do Nac & Pop (national and popular), then you sing like a Central American. Stop screwing Emilia with your shovels. “You have me fed up.”

María Becerra appeared at the River Plate stadium. Photo: Martín Bonetto

Rumors of a distance between both singers emerged in March when The girl from Argentina appeared in River and neither Emilia nor her boyfriend were there as guest artists to sing the famous song they did together, Those of Space.

Nor were the other performers of that song, Lit Killah, Tiago PZK, Rusherking and FMK, present even as spectators on any of the two dates on which the artist from Quilmes performed at the Monumental Stadium.

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