Dwayne Johnson says goodbye to one of his most beloved characters

Dwayne Johnson has just finished filming his latest project accompanied by one of his daughters, but more adventures with the same character await him soon.

disney announced the sequel to Moana at the beginning of the year with the aim of releasing it in theaters at the end of 2024, but the production of the feature film had not yet finished at that time. Dwayne Johnson now confirms that his part in Moana 2 It’s ready.

Dwayne Johnson has returned to the Disney studios to once again embody Mauithe demigod who accompanied Moana during the first film and who will once again be a fundamental piece of the sequel.

But he has not been the only one who has returned, because Auli’i Cravalhoalthe Moana actress, has also reprized her role in the film, as well as Alan Tudykperformer who gave life to the chicken Hei Hei.

Dwayne Johnson says goodbye to Maui and Moana… for now

This week, The rock shared through his social networks that his adventure had come to an end with these words: “This officially ends (for now) the Maui part of our next Moana 2”.

Along with his words, he also shared some images taken during the recording of his texts, in which he is accompanied by one of his young daughters: “As you see, I had the greatest motivation to help me move forward and stay strong.”

“The further I go down this winding path of life, the more I realize that my greatest and most comforting inspiration and joy is being loved by my daughters. I have the feeling that this little girl already knows that about her daddy. Thank you everyone for your incredible support.”

However, this will not be the definitive end of Dwayne Johnson with Moanasince the actor will return to play Maui in the live action of the first film that Disney also has underway, and which plans to hit theaters in 2026.

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