Letizia’s striking gesture of pain that reveals her true state of health

Letizia’s striking gesture of pain that reveals her true state of health
Letizia’s striking gesture of pain that reveals her true state of health

One more year, we have been able to see Kings Felipe VI (56 years old) and Letizia (51 years old) presiding over the Armed Forces Day parade, a very special date that they never miss and in which we have been able to see more participate of 3,300 soldiers from the three Armies and the Civil Guard. Like every year, our monarch has pleasantly surprised us by wearing an elegant look, having opted on this occasion for a sophisticated and youthful red suit with a matching lingerie top, but if there is something that has especially caught our attention, it is the limp that we have been able to see the queen suffering, whose gestures of pain have not gone unnoticed when captured by the cameras present there.

Queen Letizia’s gestures of pain

Despite it being a very important and especially happy event for her this year, since it was held in her homeland, Oviedo, the faces of pain that we have been able to see on Doña Letizia were undeniable. For some time now, the queen has been breaking protocol at the public events she attends due to the injury she has in her foot, which has caused her to attend these events wearing white sneakers, a garment that looks like He is going to accompany her for a while.


In fact, today he also combined his striking red suit with some light sneakers, which has not prevented We have been able to see her limping and with obvious signs of suffering from deep pain in her face.. Her queen’s face looked remarkably serious, and she could even be seen to be uncomfortable at times, so much so that she kept fixing her clothes while the anthem was playing. When she sat down, and we assume that since she was in less pain, we could see how she relaxed quite a bit and she seemed quite complicit and close to her husband, the king.


Where does this limp come from?

It all started when we witnessed a surprising image during our monarchs’ trip to Holland, where we saw the queen sitting on a stool during hand kissing of a gala dinner offered by the monarchs of this country. What seemed like an obvious leap from her protocol was nothing more than a condition that the queen has suffered for a long time in her right foot.

This is known as Morton’s neuroma, and it would prevent her from being able to stand for long periods of time wearing heels, a garment that our queen usually wears at every public event and that she has had no choice but to put aside. As if this were not enough, it seems that the queen suffered another injury to this same foot recently, when he hit himself with a table in his residencewhich caused her to have a fracture in the proximal phalanx of the right central finger, something that, together with her condition, has caused the queen to have to walk carefully and to wear many sneakers, footwear in which she would be much more comfortable. .

How can this be treated?

Apparently, the doctors who have treated Mrs. Letizia have applied a treatment known as therapeutic syndactyly, which basically consists of bandaging the central finger with the one next to it in order to immobilize it so that it can heal. But this has not been the only consequence that the queen is suffering due to the domestic accident that injured her, also She has been forced to put aside her heels, a garment that used to always accompany her. in each of his looks and which he has currently had to leave relegated to oblivion in the closet. We must also keep in mind that this type of toe fractures are not as rare as we might think, and occur more frequently than we imagine.


These can be caused by a simple blow, as has happened to our monarch, who has fractured the proximal phalanx, one of the bones that form the base of the toes. The good news with this type of injury is that they do not usually require surgery to treat them, but they do require time to fully heal. Over time, Most fractured finger injuries heal on their own., as long as you are careful and remedy it with appropriate footwear and care, as is the case with the queen. Although the necessary treatments to cure this injury are being carried out well, that does not prevent the finger from hurting quite a bit during its healing, and the queen’s gestures of suffering are normal and not particularly worrying, as she is surely in the middle of the healing process. . For now, she has to wait a little until our monarch is completely cured and she can wear heels again.

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