Antonio Vodanovic: Know his age, how many children he has and what the iconic entertainer does today

Antonio Vodanovic: Know his age, how many children he has and what the iconic entertainer does today
Antonio Vodanovic: Know his age, how many children he has and what the iconic entertainer does today

May 27 2024 – 7:10 p.m.

Antonio Vodanovic He became an emblematic figure in the world of entertainment in Chile. The everlasting former host of the Viña del Mar Festival has an extensive career spanning more than four decades.

Throughout his career, the communicator has had meetings with numerous artists, both national and international, which has led to him being considered a jury in various talent programs in recent years.

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In 2018, Vodanovic created an account Instagram, where to date he shares images of iconic moments with singers and celebrities that he managed to meet in his role as an entertainer. In addition, he has revealed a more intimate facet of his family life.

Antonio Vodanovic: Age and career

Antonio Vodanovic Paolinelli was born in Santiago on March 2, 1949, so today he has 75 years. He grew up in the commune of Independencewhere he lived with his parents: Anthonyof Croatian origin, and Isabelof Italian descent.

He obtained his degree from commercial engineer at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, however, his true vocation was in communications. At the age of 23 he debuted on the small screen, being the face of great stars of the time.

In 1976 he was in charge of conducting the beauty pageant Miss Chile. That same year, he had the opportunity to replace César Antonio Santis in the animation of the Viña del Mar Festival, this being the first of the 29 times that he performed that function.

The 2004 edition was the last edition of the contest that included their participation. In conversation with T13, Vodanovic confessed that “I stopped doing the Festival because I didn’t have a good time last year, I was tired and the best thing was to leave the story there and give way to other animators and other generations.”

Personal life

The experienced entertainer was married to María Piedad Gumucio EguigurenAs a result of that marriage, which lasted almost 30 years, she had two daughters, Carolina and Macarena.

During the early 2000s, Vodanovic began a relationship with the jeweler Marcela Cortes. Recently, the woman passed away and he shared an emotional publication to remember his partner for nearly two decades.

Everything seems to indicate that Antonio Vodanovic is in no hurry to retire from television. Currently, we can see him as part of the jury of “Got Talent” in Chilevisión, where he shares space with actress Leonor Varela.

Last March, Vodanovic told FMDOS that although he is happy with this new work challenge, his priorities are his time and his freedom: “I live in Marbella, Maitencillo, I have an exercise routine all day, at my age, walking, but facing the sea is very nice.”

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