Why Pablo Granados and Camila de los Santos do not want to have children

Those who follow Pablo Granados On social networks you will notice that he usually appears very in love with his young girlfriend, Camila de los Santoswhom he met, precisely, chatting on Instagram.

Between talk and talk, they fell in love. During the pandemic they decided to go one step further and began living together, which ended up giving results to the point that today they enjoy living together.

Pablo Granados and Camila de los Santos. Photo: @pablo_grana.

The big age difference between Pablo Granados and Camila de los Santos It does not represent a problem for them. Nor was the relationship with the comedian’s children a complex issue, since she assured that they get along very well.

“I knew him as a VideoMatch boy, but not as the great musician that he is. And I saw him playing some very complex Charly music and I sent him messages. I could not believe it. “He started talking to me, I kept answering him, we chatted and chatted and we didn’t stop,” he said. Camila de los Santos in an interview with La Nación.

Although they have many future projects as a couple, there is one that is not among them, that of expanding their family. Even in August 2023, Pablo Granados He had a vasectomy and told the reasons for his decision.

Pablo Granados explained why he does not want to have more children.

“If you saw the photo I took the other day, it’s because yes, I had a vasectomy. Today, in 2023, it is still a taboo topic among men. That’s why I make this post. If you already know that you don’t want to have more children, it is a wise decision, which also takes the burden off your partner of not having to take pills that often affect the hormonal part,” commented the actor.

“That’s what a vasectomy is all about. “If you don’t want to have more children, I recommend it,” he added. Pablo Granadoswho was never one to talk too much about his private and sentimental life, but this time he decided to share something about his happy courtship.

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