It’s now official: Benjamín Vicuña and Claudia “La Gunda Fontán”, together

It’s now official: Benjamín Vicuña and Claudia “La Gunda Fontán”, together
It’s now official: Benjamín Vicuña and Claudia “La Gunda Fontán”, together

Benjamin Vicuña and Claudia “La Gunda” Fontán They are two of the most important acting figures in the country. And although they always seemed to belong to different “worlds”, it has now been confirmed that they are together and generated a sensation in the world of entertainment.

It turns out that, far from being a love bond, the duo of actors were summoned for an ambitious joint project. Fontán has not been involved in acting projects for a while.but this time she was tempted by this proposal to star in the new season of an Argentine hit that was installed on the streaming platform Star+. For his part, Vicuña has already been exploring the world of productions for platforms, and it seems that this time will be no exception.

According to information revealed on Laura Ubfal’s news portal, actress Claudia “La Gunda” Fontán will join season three of The one in charge in a role not yet revealed. “La Gunda” was a recurring figure in the daily strips, unitaries and films produced by Polka as You are my life, just like me and Signs, among other. In addition, he hosted television magazines – the remembered Infomaniacsalong with Elizabeth “La Negra” Vernaci, and Womenthe last resounding failure of The thirteen-, gastronomy programs and is Guido Kaczka’s radio companion on the second morning of The 100.

Likewise, the Chilean actor is already a figure on the streaming platform, since he starred in the series Alternative Therapy together with his ex-partner, Eugenia “La China” Suárez and managed to remain in the ranking of the most viewed content by users. And although it is not yet known what roles will star in the series, there is already a lot of expectation among the public.

When does the third season of The Manager premiere?

The series that follows Eliseo, the Machiavellian manager of a building, will return with new chapters on June 26. The fiction, composed of two seasons available in Star+, account the story of Eliseo, the manager of a building whose job continuity is threatened when the owners of the apartments decide to start the project to build a pool on the terrace, where he lives. Then, Eliseo will begin to use the information that he knows, after 30 years of service, about each owner to avoid firing him at all costs.

“I think people are going to feel very identified. The universe of The one in charge It is very local; In Europe, the United States, there is no figure in charge of us, of the building. But, if you take it from there, the human relationships and what happens with the character is very identifiable. They are going to feel identified, not in it, but in what counts and what is seen.”, the actor Guillermo Francella had said years ago, in the midst of a promotional campaign for the series that finished filming its third season. At the moment he does not know the release date of the new batch of episodes of the successful Argentine fiction that returned the comedian to the small screen after Married with children and The man of your life. The success of the series got it not only a third season, but also a fourth installment of chapters, becoming the Argentine series with the most seasons since The Marginal (which closed with 5 seasons and a prequel series in announced and production).

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