Kate Middleton sets a date for her return to public life


Kate Middleton will return to public life this Saturday, June 14

He will do it on the occasion of what is known as Trooping the Color

It was she herself who communicated the news through her social networks.

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    • 06/14/2024 19:16
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Kate Middleton will return to public life this Saturday, May 14. He will do so on the occasion of one of the most important events on the agenda of the British Royal Family: the Trooping the Colora ceremony performed by British Army regiments and other countries of the Commonwealth of Nations, whose origin dates back to the years between 1660 and 1685 and officially celebrates the anniversary of the British monarch annually.

It was the Princess of Wales herself who, this Friday afternoon, made the news public through a statement released by Kensington Palace – her official residence – on social networks. Kate Middeton has assured that she will attend the event in the company of her husband, Prince William, and her children in common with the heir to the throne – George, Charlotte and Louis -; as well as King Charles III and his wife, Queen Camilla. In addition, she has revealed that although she continues with the “preventive chemotherapy” treatment that allows her to overcome the cancer that was diagnosed last March, she hopes to be present at some more public activities this summer. «I want to attend the parade for the king’s birthday this weekend with my family, and I hope to join a few public engagements over the summer,” he said.

In the letter, Kate Middleton has thanked the expressions of support and affection she has received in recent months, while updating her health status. The Princess of Wales has revealed that she is “making a lot of progress”, although there are days when she feels that her illness is getting the best of her. «Like everyone who undergoes chemotherapy, I have good and bad days. On bad days I feel tired and weak, and I must allow my body to rest. On good days, when I feel stronger, I want to take advantage of that well-being as much as possible. My treatment is going well, and will continue for a few more months,” he says.

Since she revealed on March 22 that she had cancer and had begun treatment, Kate Middleton has remained far from the media spotlight and public life. However, there have been several theories and speculations about the severity of her condition. This same week, without going any further, several digital portals and users on social networks echoed information that placed the Princess of Wales at the MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Houston, in Texas. One of the most prestigious in the world in this specialty. Likewise, another theory suggested that Kate was staying at the St. Regis hotel in the great metropolis.

Kate Middleton, at an official event. (Photo: Gtres)

Charles III reacts to Kate Middleton’s reappearance

A few minutes after Kate Middleton made the previous statement public, a spokesperson for the British Royal Family, in the words of King Charles III, has spoken about the news. “Her Majesty is delighted that The Princess of Wales will be able to attend tomorrow’s events, and she is looking forward to taking part in the entire ceremony.”

Kate Middleton announces that she is progressing and that this weekend she will go to Charles III's birthday events
King Charles III, in an official ceremony. (Photo: Gtres)

King Charles III, who continues his fight against cancer, will also be one of those present at Tropping the Colour, although he is not expected to review the troops on horseback as he did last year. Charles III will carry out this function from an Ascot Landau, the convertible horse carriage that we have already seen on other important dates, such as at the prince’s wedding. Harry with Meghan Markle in May 2018. Princess Anne and her husband, or the dukes of edinburghsince they are the ones who represent the hard core of the institution.

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