Abril Borga, the young woman from Rosario who signed with Universal and dreams of succeeding in the world of music

Abril Borga, the young woman from Rosario who signed with Universal and dreams of succeeding in the world of music
Abril Borga, the young woman from Rosario who signed with Universal and dreams of succeeding in the world of music

The Rosario Abril Borga, daughter of the singer-songwriter and musician Oski Borga, signed a few weeks ago with Universal Music to continue growing in the world of music as a singer. The young woman, 25 years old, began studying musical comedies at the age of nine. In 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, she wrote her first song with her father. Now, like Rosario More with Flow, she seeks to grow with Universal Music, one of the most important producers in the music industry.

In an interview with Rosario3 He told what his musical tastes are, how he combines his cumbiera side with musical comedies and his desire to continue studying and specializing as an artist.

1 – How did you start with music.

-It was when he was 9 years old. I started studying Musical Comedies at the El Círculo Theater and they called me to star in a play about Princesses. The debut was at Teatro Arteón, as “Campanita”, and then we did a season on “Caras y Caretas”. That was my first experience on a stage with an audience. From there I started studying to be able to train as a singer.

2 – An anecdote above the scenarios that have marked you

-Without a doubt, “La Voz Argentina 2018”. She had to sing in the Telefe studio, she was very nervous and it showed in the audition. Neither Tini, nor Montaner, nor Soledad, nor Axel turned around, but that experience helped me to get my act together, grow, and seek to improve certain aspects. I feel that it was a break that helped me want to improve in the future and I began to study much more, because I am convinced that the path is that way.

3- How do you prepare every time you start a new stage in music? Whether it’s a new song, performing at a show, etc.

-I usually chat everything with Beimer Morales who is one of my producers. He helps me shape the ideas I have and turn them into a project. We write together all the songs that are going to come out. And regarding shows, I like to prepare at home while I vocalize. We usually get together with the guys from the band to go together or hang out for a while before going out to play.

4 – You debuted in a pandemic with your song “NADA”, how did you experience that stage?

-“NADA” was a song we wrote with Oski Borga, my dad. It was the first one I recorded as a soloist in a studio and unfortunately the pandemic meant that the song could not be broadcast or played live. But I enjoyed it with great emotion. TIburón Valdez participated in a final rap with the production of palmo Addario and mi Viejo.

5 – “You want to return” was the song that brought you national recognition and became the curtain of the program “En Síntesis” on Channel 13. What was that moment like?

-A little of what happened to me in the program La Voz was what led me to perfect myself. I began to compose with Beimer Morales and Tincho Producer and this song emerged that the label “Barca Discos” uploaded to platforms with the joy that the musician of Channel 13 took over the song and screened it on the program En Síntesis and Telenoche for a couple of months. Suddenly a lot of people knew her and began to write to me that they listened to her from Ushuaia and from Quiaca. It was a very cool experience for me, because it was the first song that reached a lot of people in this way.

6- You were recently present at the Gardel Awards, what was it like to live that experience?

-Going to the Gardel Awards was a dream. My song Wants to return was nominated for best video clip and best Pop song of 2023. But beyond not being on the shortlist, I had the luxury of having figures on hand who are decidedly my references. The setting, the presentation of the awards and that event that is “The Argentine Music Festival” seems simply impressive to me. So I gave myself the luxury of stepping on the red carpet and being part of that same air.

7 – You are from Rosario and you recently announced through your networks that you signed a contract with the production company “Universal Music Argentina”, what did they call you and what is it like to work with them?

– I had already been signing with Universal, the songs that “BARCA Discos” uploaded to platforms. The pandemic had forced me to sign contracts remotely and I did it through C&G Producciones. So take advantage of the trip to the Gardels to visit the company, to sign the songs that are coming in person and to meet the people who manage this company, which is one of the largest in the world.

Abril Borga in his signing with Universal.

8 – What’s next for the singer Abril Borga?

– Keep studying, keep making new songs. I believe that training should never stop. Music is my job, so I plan to continue working for children, which is something wonderful. But also with my cumbia band, with which we also play at clubs and private parties, with a more popular repertoire there, with songs that almost everyone knows, since that role is decidedly one of animation. My goal is to create my own show and I’m going down that path.

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