From the musical home of Rafael Campo Miranda ‘Las emes’ and a concert artist were born

From the musical home of Rafael Campo Miranda ‘Las emes’ and a concert artist were born
From the musical home of Rafael Campo Miranda ‘Las emes’ and a concert artist were born

In the midst of the craze of tropical music in the 70s in Latin America, in the home of Don Rafael Campo Miranda and María del Socorro Vives Trespalaciosgreat composer of the music of this genre, were born ‘The Emes’ from Colombia.

Martha and Margarita Campo Vivesdaughters of the great maestro Soledeño, formed the female duet that was the rage of the time that performed a great repertoire, mostly songs by their father.

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‘Brisas del Valle’, ‘Remando’, ‘La Cantaleta’, ‘Mompox’, ‘The Yellow Bird’, ‘Beach, Breeze and Sea’, ‘Lamento Náufrageither’were among others, songs performed by ‘Las emes’, which due to their national impact were presented in the musicals of the time on Colombian television: Spectacular JES and the Jorge Barón Show.

But they were not only ‘The Emes’, also from that musical home was born Rafael Campo Vivesgreat classical guitar player, composer, theorist, musicographer, arranger and musical pedagogue.

There is no doubt about the musical heritage of the Campo Vives brothers from Barranquilla, who with the support of their father managed to bring out their talent and delight the national public.

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In conversation with Ground Zero, Margarita Campo Vives told the beginning of ‘The Emes’ from Colombia.

“We were born in a musical home, always listening to the birth of all my dad’s songs. We were always lulled to sleep with music, when we were 15 and 16 years old my dad made the songs and he wanted a test to see how it sounded and then we learned the lyrics and sang a duet.”he related.

She also expressed that both she and her sister Martha studied music at the university and that on vacation they took the opportunity to make presentations and even initially recorded two songs and then continued releasing several musical albums.

“On a vacation they recorded some songs to see how our voices are heard, one song was from my dad. ‘Valley Breezes’ and another song was by another composer. “Everyone thought that the folkloric theme was the one that was going to hit and it was my dad’s musical theme that hit.”

She also remembered that the record company called them and told them: “Martha and Margarita, take revenge, you are plastered on all the radio stations with the song ‘Valley Breezes’. “That was the song that gave us success and it was always like my dad’s music.”

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His brother, the concert pianist Rafael Campo Vives He also excelled at the time when his sisters were the ‘boom’ of the moment.

He was in charge of performing his father’s songs with his guitar. She gave concerts in theaters and, while ‘The Emes’ They stood out for their tropical style, the only male son of the great master leaned towards the classic style.

It was not until 1985 when the sisters decided to retire to continue with other projects in their lives.

Currently Margarita has a music academy like her brother Rafael, thus maintaining the legacy of their father the great Rafael Campo Miranda.

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