“Gigi and Bella Hadid”: this is how Jana and Tali, the beautiful teenage daughters of Romina Manguel, are today

Romina Manguel He has an extensive career in the media. Before starting her profession as a journalist, the radio host trained as a graduate in international relations and she has a bachelor’s degree in political science. She worked as a producer, editor and columnist, a role that she still performs today.

Despite being one of the best-known television and radio communicators, little is known about her private life. Romina Manguel. The thing is that the former panellist of “Loose Animals” hardly shares any of her privacy, not even on social networks. In her virtual accounts, the columnist usually publishes content related exclusively to her work and little or nothing about her personal level.

In the image above: Romina as a child with her mother. In the image below: the journalist’s two daughters, years ago.
One of the few public photos there are of Romina with her daughters.
Photo shared by the communicator on her networks.

However, months ago, the radio host of the series “Don’t leave for tomorrow” was invited to Tomás Dente’s program “Entre Nos”, which is broadcast on NET TV and He received a pleasant surprise from his daughters, who were seen in front of the camera, an almost unprecedented fact because there are very few photos of them on social networks. The heirs of Romina ManguelJana and Tali, who are 16 and 13 years old respectively, they recorded a tender and loving greeting to their mother.

The daughters of the television columnist expressed: “Hello, mom, we wanted to tell you that we love you with all our hearts, that we are so proud that you are our mother, that we thank you for everything you do for us. We love you a lot and we wish you a good year.” Manguel She was fascinated by the appearance of the teenagers on camera: “No one moves me except my daughters. Jana, the biggest one, escapes me, she can’t even say I love you, she doesn’t let me take photos of her either. “They are very sensitive girls, who care about each other, they have fun with each other, with me, with their dad, with their friends.”, held. The heirs of Romina They are very similar to each other and share a great physical resemblance to the presenter.

Romina Manguel targeted Roberto Moldavksy

Roberto Moldavksy was invited to “Bondi”, Ángel de Brito’s streaming cycle and told various anecdotes with Gerardo Rozín as the protagonist. The comedian even gave details of the last days of the famous driver’s life. These statements outraged Romina Manguela close friend of the former presenter of “La peña de morfi”, who came out with her caps on end to respond to the actor.

Spicy post by Romina Manguel.

Through X, the journalist commented: “I read people missing a friend who died. He looks at you. In life and sick you behaved badly. With him and with his family. I don’t know if you knew how much your mistreatment suffered.” Then, in front of the cameras of “Socios del spectacle”, the columnist explained: “Yes, I was talking about Rozín and if you have any doubt that (Moldavsky) did not behave well, look who RTed my message: Carmela Bárbaro , the mother of his daughter. She turned her back on him: she did not accompany him or his family. (…). To read, then, that someone claims friendship, that he misses him… You would have remembered when he was dying, that he needed you and you were not there. I saw him suffer a lot from people who turned their backs on him, who betrayed him. If you mess with my friend who is dead, I will give you a fight.”

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