‘Trolean’ Ángela Aguilar on TikTok with remix ‘I’m going to be aunt’ by Christian Nodal and Cazzu’s daughter

ANDn the midst of euphoria and amazement at the love relationship between Angela Aguilar and Christian Nodal, Internet users unearthed a video that has left everyone with their mouths open. In this gem from the past, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter reacts excitedly to the news that Nodal was going to be a father. Yes, you read that right. The young singer profusely congratulates cazzu for your pregnancy! “I’m going to be an aunt!” Angela exclaimed with contagious joy, recounting how she found out the news through a TikTok video where the Argentine showed her advanced pregnancy during a concert in her native country.

It seems that there is nothing that Internet users cannot discover, and this time they have outdone themselves. After confirmation of the romance of the year, social media sleuths have embarked on a relentless search for any clues to this relationship. But what they found was much juicier than they expected.

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The old friendship of Ángela Aguilar and Cazzu

The emotion in Angela’s voice was so genuine that it left no doubt about her happiness. However, what was at the time a gesture of affection and celebration has now been revived in a completely different light. A few days ago, social networks exploded when Internet users revived this video, generating a wave of criticism and ridicule towards the granddaughter of Don Antonio Aguilar.

The controversy intensified when it was discovered that Angela had been a friend of Cazzu, Nodal’s ex-girlfriend. In the recording, Angela confessed to having been a fan of the relationship between the singer and Cazzu, even commenting on photos of the couple on social networks. “I wrote to Cazzu in a comment, but how beautiful she looked, suddenly I was watching my TikTok and I see that she does like that, you can see her belly, and I ‘I’m going to be an aunt,'” Angela recalled last April .

This statement has unleashed a storm of criticism. Many users have accused Angela of being the third party in the relationship between Nodal and Cazzu, disparagingly labeling her as “stepmother.” The mockery has not been long in coming, especially after a remix of her statement began to circulate on TikTok, accumulating more than 2.2 million views196 thousand “likes” and 13 thousand comments.

The success of the remix “I’m going to be an aunt!”

The check @larosadanews has been in charge of spreading this controversial remix, which has not only fueled the fire, but has also placed Ángela at the center of the media hurricane. Will this be the beginning of a new era of rivalries in show business? Only time will tell, but for now, the young singer will have to navigate the waves of controversy and show if her love for Nodal can survive this tumultuous sea of ​​opinions.

Meanwhile, fans and detractors continue to watch the couple’s every move, eagerly awaiting the next chapter of this soap opera-worthy drama. Will Ángela Aguilar be able to reverse the situation and win the title again? public love? How will Cazzu react to this explosion of mixed feelings? Without a doubt, this scandal has everyone with their eyes wide open and ready for the next unexpected twist.

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