This is the last one eliminated and the four finalists of La Casa de los Famosos


These are the four participants who will fight for first place in La Casa de los Famosos.

This Sunday, June 16, a new elimination night took place at La Casa de los Famosos, leaving Alfredo Redes out of the competition. The finalists who will fight this Monday, June 17 for first place are: Julián Trujillo, Karen Sevillano, Miguel Melfi and Sebastián González. Furthermore, whoever manages to win the first edition of this contest broadcast by Vix and the RCN Channel will win the juicy sum of 400 million pesos.

After 127 days, the four celebrities who have been able to overcome the challenges, the confrontations and who were also chosen by viewers from Colombia, Panama and the rest of Latin America were finally met. Let us remember that the first celebrity that the public chose to compete in the final was the actor Julián Trujillo who, among other things, has been one of the most controversial participants due to his constant friction with members of the ‘Papillente’ team such as La Segura, Karen Sevillano , Culotauro, Pantera and Alfredo Redes.

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The other four finalists faced each other on Sunday night where the dynamics of the voting were changed again, since they no longer had to vote to eliminate, but to save. That is to say, the one eliminated was the one who in the end had the lowest vote. During the last week, campaign managers were appointed whose job was to represent their celebrities to the people and convince them to vote in their favor.

The one chosen by Julián Trujillo was Mafe Walker, that of Melfi was Ornella Sierra, that of Karen Sevillano was Juan David Zapata, that of Alfredo Redes was Miguel Bueno and that of Sebastián González was Camilo Pulgarín. Before the election of the first finalist, the campaigns were closed and on the night before the elimination, the celebrities once again had the visit of Cristina Hurtado and Carla Giraldo to share a dinner in which the harshness and other feelings of competition were left behind.

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Now Julián Trujillo, Miguel Melfi, Karen Sevillano and Sebastián González will face each other in the grand finale of La Casa de los Famosos that will be broadcast on Canal RCN and Vix this Monday, June 17 starting at 9 pm.

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