Arnaldo André revealed his secret to looking young at 80 years old: “I inject bull semen”

Aesthetic treatments are very common nowadays. Several celebrities show on their social networks what the touch-ups they perform on their faces and bodies are like and give details of those procedures.

But Arnaldo André He surprised everyone by revealing his particular way to look good at 80 years old. The Paraguayan actor was one of the guests at Mirtha’s Night together with the journalist Franco Mercuriali; the communicator Mariana Brey; and the lawyer Fernando Burlando.

The guests of Saturday, June 15 at “La Noche de Mirtha.” Credits: Instagram Mirthalegrand.

At one point during the night, at the “table” they recognized that the artist looked very good for being 80 years old and he confessed his big secret for making this happen.

“What happens is that I go to Dr. Adrián Jaime’s, where he improves everyone’s standard of living. There, he gives you an anti-aging vaccine,” said the actor.

The actor said that he injects bull semen. Credits: screenshot Youtube Eltrece.

However, the panel wanted to know more details about the aesthetic treatment that the celebrity undergoes and there, Arnaldo André commented: “Lately, he’s been bringing things from Switzerland. He’s bringing semen Of bull”.

This was what Arnaldo André said in Mirtha’s Night

Mariana Brey, bewildered, asked the artist: “But is that taken or injected?” And the actor explained: “It is an injection that revitalizes you. Not only me, I also invited Betiana Blum, Cristina Alberó and other people who go there. What happens is that many do not have the discipline to do it every fifteen days. “You have to be constant and disciplined.”

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