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A lip reading expert reveals the comment Prince George made to Kate Middleton

On June 15, one of the most anticipated moments occurred for the inhabitants of the United Kingdom and half of the world. And we don’t say it for him Trooping the Colorone of the most important events on the calendar of the British royal family, but because after months of treatment and recovery Kate Middleton (42 years old) made his first appearance before the cameras. Without a doubt a historic date that will be marked forever.

All the spotlights pointed to the Princess of Wales, who a day earlier announced her small return to this important day for her father-in-law Charles III. Of course, making it clear that she still had a long way to go to be well and expressing that “she is not out of danger.” And if Prince William’s wife was the main protagonist of the evening, her children, as always, also made big headlines in the British press. Laughter, dancing, some small anger…. Many unique moments that have given us something to talk about.

Now, after a weekend full of hopes and much expectation, Juliet Sullivanlip reading expert, has revealed in ‘The Daily Mail’ the comment that Prince George made to Kate Middleton at this great event. The 10-year-old looked bewildered as he rode in the carriage along with his mother and younger siblings, Charlotte (9) and Louis (6). They were all watching the crowd of thousands of royal fans gathered throughout the city when George tells his mother, “everyone looks very happy”the professional has said.

Charlotte, Louis’ caring sister

The future queen of the United Kingdom was present to ensure his children could enjoy the family day to celebrate their grandfather’s birthday. In fact, her presence was very important because it meant that they didn’t have to travel to the palace without an adult in their carriage. The Princess of Wales was also later seen talking to Louis on the iconic balcony and the expert was also able to reveal another adorable exchange, this time between Kate and the youngest of the three. At one point cameras caught Prince Louis playing with a curtain cord as he asked his mother: “Do you know how they do this, mom?“Juliet has also explained in the aforementioned media that the king told his family how happy he was because everything was going well. “Look at this! Wonderful! So colorful!“said the monarch while traveling in the carriage with Queen Camilla.

Kate Middleton, George, Charlotte and Louis arrive at their grandfather Charles’ birthday.


Furthermore, on the balcony we could also see how he asked his mother if he could play a little with the balls on the curtain: “No. I need you to focus on the parade,” a radiant Kate replied so that he would be calm and stop doing things that could distract everyone from such an important event for her grandfather. Mission Impossible. In fact, Even Charlotte had to act as an older sister to give him a little scolding. “You have to stop doing that. Watch the parade.” In response, Louis realized that maybe it wasn’t the time and he listened. Shrugging his shoulders he replied: “I won’t do it”. “do what they tell you“His sister then insisted, something that made the little boy change his mind. “No,” he said bluntly.

But there were also happy moments between the brothers. In one of the scenes, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte could be seen laughing together when the little boy confessed something that made him very amused by all those who were watching them from the street: “They’re going to get wet!”, he expressed between laughs. You could also see Guillermo’s most endearing side with his children. And the future king of the United Kingdom told the youngest of the children about the planes they could see in the parade. “That’s why they are called falcons, they are trained to fight in the sky“, he said about the Hawk T 1, a vehicle that the Red Arrows Display team has been using since 1979.

The truth is that Louis really enjoyed watching the flight, a spectacle that marks the end of the official celebrations. “You like me?“Kate asked him when he finished, to which the young man responded enthusiastically. “That was fun”, said. And all this has caused the British press to call the youngest of the three brothers “the scene stealer”, who was also seen yawning widely at various times.

He’s getting bored because he’s starting to mess things up.“said body language expert Adrianne Carter in ‘The Mirror’ when seeing the young man. “This is a sign that he still has the charming and bright personality that we have come to recognize. Kate didn’t detect his big yawn, so she was able to finish it completely! “The professional added, making it clear that if the future queen of the country had seen it she would have said something to him or even stopped him to hide it.

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