How long have they been out and what repercussions did the news have – GENTE Online

How long have they been out and what repercussions did the news have – GENTE Online
How long have they been out and what repercussions did the news have – GENTE Online

Fer Dente He is having a great time personally, he has just confirmed his relationship with Pablo Turturielloand also, professionally: he was chosen to lead the Martín Fierro Radio Awards 2024. During the radio party, the multifaceted artist spoke with PEOPLE Magazine and he opened up about his new partner. “I am very happy, very happy“she said and confessed that the romance with the protagonist of Rent It is in its beginnings.

A few hours after confirming that he is in a relationship with Pablo Turturiello, Dente led the Martín Fierro in La Rural. At the end of the ceremony, the artist met the cameras of PEOPLE Magazine and talked about his present, both work and personal.

Fer Dente did not avoid the questions related to his new sentimental status. ““I am always very happy when things are shared, because they are beautiful and deserve to be shared,” He told this medium, after saying that he received “beautiful messages” of the people, both for him and for Pablo, the actor with whom he fell in love after choosing him to play Rogers in the Broadway classic that he directed at the Opera Theater.

When the next question came about when their love story had begun, he answered more succinctly: “Since little bit…“. and added: “I am very happy, very calm.”

Fer Dente and Pablo Turturiello are a couple and very much in love.

Quickly, the journalist asked him why he had decided to tell it now, and he revealed: “It was a very genuine thing.. I have been sharing with him for a long time, we go out, we go to eat… I mean, they were going to find out because they took a photo of us or because we wanted to share a weekend that we went away.. It was a very organic and natural way for us to share“.

Your professional present: television, theater and streaming

Regarding his present work, Dente highlighted: “I am in all formats, It is a very beautiful year. It was a coincidence, an accident that everything happened at the same time, but trying to keep up.”

Fer Dente spoke with GENTE Magazine after the Martín Fierro de Radio ceremony.

About the possibility of leading Radio MFs he said: “I’m happyThe truth is that now I’m falling. The call was very unexpected, I didn’t see it coming. “They told me that I was one of the youngest Martín Fierro drivers in the history of APTRA.”

And he added: “A luxury to be able to be next to Karina (Mazzocco) learning and accompanying her. He was very pleasant.”

How Fer Dente confirmed that she is in a relationship with Pablo Turturiello

On Saturday night, Pablo uploaded a post to his Instagram account with several photos of what was a romantic vacation getaway to a beautiful place in Maldonado, Uruguay. Among the images you could see a very romantic in which he was next to Fer, looking very in love.

The post quickly received hundreds of likes and comments from followers celebrating this relationship. One of the comments was that of Dente, who He revealed the nickname he gave his partner: Cucú.

Fernando also shared Pablo’s post in his stories, highlighting the photo together, and added a flag of Uruguay and a heart. He also shared a picture of the actor looking at him, where you can see how in love they are.

Fer Dente’s stories confirming her romance with Pablo Turturiello.

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