Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía reappear affectionate and hand in hand, minutes before their court date


Clara Chía requests a 3,000 meter accommodation order from paparazzi Jordi Martín after feeling harassed

Gerard Piqué has attended the trial to show himself as clear support for his girlfriend in these complicated moments

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    • 06/17/2024 13:33
    • Updated: 06/17/2024 13:40

After several months away from the media spotlight, Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia have reappeared before the cameras this Monday, June 17, on the occasion of the court date What did the Catalan have to face the trial for harassment against the paparazzi? Jordi Martin. The couple arrived at the courthouse early in the morning, exuding complicity, and walked hand in hand to the doors of the building while they crossed the path of spotlights and microphones of the press in charge of covering the event.

As expected, in response to questions from journalists on site, both the former footballer and his partner have decided to remain faithful to their great secrecy, which is why they have opted for the most absolute silenceand in the case of Clara, without disregarding the Sunglasses that hid their gaze. While the one in Barcelona sported a look elegant outfit consisting of beige shorts, a shirt and flats, the former athlete chose a outfit much more casual, with jeans, sneakers and a navy blue polo shirt.

Clara Chía and Gerard Piqué in Barcelona. (Photo: Gtres)

The images in which they have starred have once again put their romantic relationship on the front page of the news, which, everything seems to indicate, continues to go very well. good way. And Piqué has shown himself to be a clear supporter of his girl in these complicated moments, accompanying her and providing the tranquility and serenity necessary for the occasion.

Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía reappear affectionate and hand in hand, minutes before their court date
Clara Chía and Gerard Piqué in Barcelona. (Photo: Gtres)

As he has been able to know LOOKwitnesses have assured that Clara Chía has not been able to avoid the tears during the hearing, confessing that he has felt harassed by the press since her romance with the former Barça player came to light until today. Without a doubt, a striking attitude, since it is worth noting that hardly any photographs have emerged theirs for several months, neither on social networks nor in the media. In fact, it is important to note that it is very unusual to see the couple together in front of the media. This is why the snapshots from this day have caused a great surprise in the public sphere. But the occasion required Clara’s physical presence in court and, consequently, that of her boy, who wanted to demonstrate, against all odds, her indestructible love.

The reason for the trial

In June 2022, Gerard Piqué and Shakira announced their separation through a joint statement where they did not reveal the reason that had generated the end of their love story. Days later, journalist Jordi Martín reported that the former soccer player was unfaithful to the singer with Clara Chía, a young Catalan woman who at that time enjoyed complete anonymity. At that moment, a great media hurricane which caused the steps of the newly released couple to become some of the most followed in the country, something that generated a feeling of harassment for Clara Chía, who did not hesitate to denounce Jordi Martín, a paparazzi for whom she requested a restraining order of more than 3,000 meters.

According to Chía’s complaint, which has been echoed by several media outlets, Martín accessed a private area to photograph them, something that the paparazzi categorically denies, alleging that at all times he carried out his work from public roads, as the law dictates. For now, we will have to wait to know the resolution of the trial.

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