“I hope I have brought a lot of joy”

“I hope I have brought a lot of joy”
“I hope I have brought a lot of joy”

Comedian Daniel “Bombo” Ficawho has a career of more than 30 years on Chilean television and stages, announced that he will soon retire permanently from comedy, to dedicate time to his family and friends.

He said this in a CHV program, in which he reported that it is a decision that he meditated with his eldest son, Sebastián, who is in charge of his schedule and also acts as audiovisual producer during the shows.

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Bombo Fica

Bombo Fica’s retirement

The comedian, who suffered a health problem linked to his heart a few weeks ago, revealed that he longs to rest when he turns 4 decades on stage, to go on a good farewell tour and then leave through the wide door.

“I talked about it with my son. I want to complete my forty-year career and spend a prudent time in this farewell and retire. I believe that you have to leave time to fulfill those dreams that you wanted to do. Go to those places that you wanted to know . Have a project that has nothing to do with this,” Indian.

Bombo Fica

He will complete his forty-year career in two more years, 2026, so at that time he will begin his retirement from the stage. “I hope I have left a mark. I hope I have had the opportunity to have brought a lot of joy and love to people with my work,” he expressed.


Bombo Fica

As a balance, Bombo reflected on his career. “I hope I have offended very few. In humor you are offended, you are hurt. Many times this easy laughter is confused with ridiculing or hurting other people,” he said.

Along these lines, he recalled that in a presentation he made a joke about a gangly person, which, although it made people laugh, bothered a person who was in the audience, who asked him to please not tell it again for a powerful reason.

“When I was leaving the casino, a cleaning person came to congratulate me and, He told me that he admired me a lot and that the only thing he asked me, with humility, was that I not tell the gangoso joke anymore because he had a child who suffered from that problem and was a victim of ridicule and bullying,” he said.

Hearing this, Bombo acknowledged, “broke my heart, I felt ashamed and I promised never to do it again. From that day on, I never told jokes that had to do with offending other people. “I want to give affection and love in my work,” hill.

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