What can, can: the eccentric detail in Wanda Nara’s bathroom in her home in Buenos Aires

Wanda Nara He is the star of social networks. Through her posts, the number one influencer teaches her followers details of her daily life, how much her children are growing, what her hobbies are and obviously, she also effortlessly shows some other things personal.

Installed again in Buenos Aires, Wanda Nara takes the baton of her working life as a television host and for that inaugurated his new apartment, located in the Chateau de Libertador. Without skimping on luxuries, the Telefe host showed some details.

Wanda has an extremely luxurious lifestyle.

The most striking thing is its spectacular marble bathtub overlooking the River Plate stadium. She herself wrote: “My bathtub overlooking my favorite stadium.” This is not the only time Wanda Nara He lives in an apartment that allows him to have this panoramic view, he already did it in his old apartment, a property he does not want to get rid of.

A soaking bath and the best view.

It should be noted that the new department located in Núñez was equipped from scratch, including, Wanda Nara She shared on social networks some moments in which the decoration was carried out, “In another life I was an architect, a decorator?” she wrote.

Of course, she couldn’t miss a space for herself, three dressing rooms are part of the bedroom. Wanda Nara, where you can see an incredible collection of shoes, bags and clothing. The fashionista, who dresses in the best international brands, was not going to stop showing off this incredible space.

Part of his large dressing room.

Wanda Nara and the sweets

Last week, the former host of “MasterChef Celebrity” had shared a photo where you could clearly see some bills and her mate, she wrote: “And I remember how little I am happy with.” All this gave the tone that the businesswoman really enjoys pastries and mate.

The family breakfast table.

This morning, to take advantage of the holiday, he posted again the breakfast table that his children and nephews shared, there we can see the display of dough, bills, pastries and more. The future host of “Bake Off” has already shown how much it will cost her to be in front of so many delicacies and posted: “How do I host a sweet show?”

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