Mob Wife: From Rosalía to Kim Kardashian or Penélope Cruz: the fur coat even if it’s hot | Fashion | S Fashion

Mob Wife: From Rosalía to Kim Kardashian or Penélope Cruz: the fur coat even if it’s hot | Fashion | S Fashion
Mob Wife: From Rosalía to Kim Kardashian or Penélope Cruz: the fur coat even if it’s hot | Fashion | S Fashion

The tendency Mob Wife He jumped from TikTok to the streets in the middle of January. A favorable month to show off the ostentatious fur coats worn by the wives of the most famous gangsters on the big screen. Thus, the farewell to silent luxury, the aesthetic opposite to this trend, became evident with practically all celebrities wearing this garment on any occasion and with all types of combinations. Until then everything is more or less predictable. The surprise has come when well into spring, celebrities don’t give up their fur coats. Kim Kardashian attended some awards at the end of April with an outfit consisting of an impressive black fur coat from Balenciaga and matching tights. A coat that he did not take off throughout the gala.

On April 2, Jennifer Lopez walked around New York wearing a fur coat down to her feet, combined with platform sneakers, her assistant protecting her from the rain with an umbrella gave us the clue that the weather in the Great Manzana was still more winter than spring. Rosalía shared several days later on her Instagram account looks of his stay in the same city. In the first photo she appears wearing a white fur coat from Celine from which only her head, hands and legs can be seen, clad in black crystal stockings. Hers Her head, her hands and her legs sheathed in black crystal stockings. The same day, Penélope Cruz shared images from her 50th birthday party in New York. In some of them, along with Ricky Martin or Adam Driver, the actress who perhaps had not had time to leave her coat in the closet or who was a little cold, could have covered herself with a leather jacket or a trench coat So typical of spring, but no, instead he preferred to wear a brown teddy jacket.

Beyoncé, in full stage western, has just shown us that fur coats also work with a cowboy hat and leather pants covers.

Kim Kardashian, on April 27 in Los Angeles. Vivien Killilea (Getty Images for Homeboy Industry)

Too many celebrities have agreed to think that wearing a fur coat in spring is just the eccentric license of a star. After a certain number, could it begin to be considered a trend to take into account? A trend that is difficult to put into practice from the ordinary life of an anonymous person, but certainly the most inspirational trend for those looking for the perfect coup d’effect. Aside from the spectacular nature of this garment taken out of context and the current – ​​probably temporary – of aesthetics Mob Wife, This phenomenon could also be associated with how climate change has caused seasonality in fashion to begin to blur clearly. The global director of brand and communication at Gap, Albi Verdú, stated in an interview with this same newspaper in November 2023 that “the popular wardrobe change by season is something that no longer exists”, pointing out that if for years the proportion of Their collections were 80% trendy and 20% repeating garments, now it has been reversed. As an ordinary consumer, it is easy to see how the seasons lengthen in stores, making mid-season garments have little travel. In the plans of some of the big luxury brands to achieve the objectives of more practices

sustainable, pre-season collections have been eliminated, as is the case of Gucci, who announced in 2020 that it was returning to the traditional fashion calendar, presenting two collections a year. One of the reasons was to meet the goal of “creating more durable garments.” Ending the seasonality of clothing would help reach this goal. Other brands have signed up to the idea of ​​forgetting about prejudices and unwritten rules so that we can wear fur boots with shorts in summer. This is the case of Celine’s spring-summer collection, full of this type of proposals and one of the clearest references for wearing fur coats outside of the classic season of this garment. In their proposal we find them of all types: gray and short, brown, leopard print or black marabou.

Jennifer Lopez last April in New York. MEGA (GC Images)

Dolce & Gabbana builds its spring-summer collection based on fine lingerie and fur coats, an intelligent and very sexy formula to wear this garment in the temperatures typical of this season.

While The Attico offers us the version that will definitely conquer the younger generations by combining baggy jeans with basic tank tops and brightly colored fur coats long to the feet, presenting impact looks in a single color or mixing jewelery bras , with pants below the hips and fur coats that drag on the ground.

It is not known for sure if this trend of wearing fur coats in the middle of spring is a response to climate change, the desire to comply with aesthetics Mob Wife or a mixture of both, what seems clear is that many will appreciate that the cold lasts several more weeks in order to show it off without dying of heat in the attempt.

LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 08: Rosalia is seen on June 08, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by TWIST/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)TWIST/Bauer-Griffin (GC Images)
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