Coldplay selected the photo of an Argentine artist for the cover of their album “Moon Music”

Coldplay selected the photo of an Argentine artist for the cover of their album “Moon Music”
Coldplay selected the photo of an Argentine artist for the cover of their album “Moon Music”

The work of Matías Alonso Revelli, which was discovered by Chris Martin, will be part of the new album. The history of the image.

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Coldplay announced that this 4th of October your will see the light new CD titled Moon Music. As a preview, The band also revealed that on June 21 the first single will be released which is named “feelslikeimfallinginlove”.

Beyond the good news for fans of the band led by Chris Martin, Argentines were also mobilized by this announcementgiven that he work of a young photographer from Bahía Blanca was chosen for the cover art.

It is a photography by Matías Alonso Revellia 31-year-old visual artist, who was contacted by the band to use a photo he took four years ago in the middle of a pandemic. “The only thing I did was the cover image. It was 4 years before without knowing that Coldplay was going to ask me for the album cover. “The rest of the design and packaging was done by Pilar Zeta (another Argentine artist with whom Coldplay has been working for quite some time, gross)”explained Alonso Revelli in dialogue with Clarion.

About the experience and what the process was like, he added: “The band chose me directly. They contacted me, at once. I was very surprised by this because I don’t think it’s very common for a band of that caliber to handle itself so humbly.. Very genius, really.

The photo selected by Coldplay represents a rainbow with saturated colors against a blue sky. The context in which this work was born was explained by the photographer on his Instagram account: “During the pandemic, I was at home when my dad called me to tell me that I should go to the patio and look at the sky. What I saw was this wonderful rainbow right above my head, I ran to get my camera, took a couple of pictures, went inside to edit them like I usually do and that was it. Now it is the cover of Moon Music”.

Everything we know about the new album

The group will continue its commitment to ecology, with recitals that seek to be more sustainable in different ways. According to NME, Both Moon Music vinyls and CDs will be made with recycled material.

Each vinyl copy of the album will contain nine recycled PET plastic bottles that were recovered from waste, which would avoid the manufacture of over 25 tonnes of virgin plastic and provide an 85% CO2 reduction compared to vinyl.

Also, the CD format will be the first “ecological” in the world, being created with recycled polycarbonate sources, from waste streams. The album will feature 10 unreleased songs.

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