The love story of Terelu Campos and Alejandro Rubio that begins a new stage after learning that they will be grandparents

The love story of Terelu Campos and Alejandro Rubio that begins a new stage after learning that they will be grandparents
The love story of Terelu Campos and Alejandro Rubio that begins a new stage after learning that they will be grandparents

It will be his first grandchild. Or granddaughter. Terelu Campos (58 years old) and Alejandro Rubio (63 years old) will become grandparents next December – if the child does not come forward –, news that both have taken with resignation and, at the same time, with joy for their daughter. “If she is happy, I am happy,” Alejandro summarized., who did not hide his disappointment that Alejandra has decided to bring a baby into the world so soon. “It’s very young“, he claimed.

Surprised but happy grandparents

Terelu, like a good mother, reacted differently. She had been noticing for weeks that her daughter was strange – that mother’s sense of smell that never fails – and she let her know. Alejandra, very nervous, blurted it out: “You’re going to be a grandmother.”. This is what Alejandra herself said in the interview in which she announced her state of good hope. There Terelu already understood everything. According to Alejandra, “At first he was shocked, but then he got very excited”.

Both Terelu and her ex, Alejandro, adore their daughter together and, Once they have assimilated the news, they are very excited to be grandparents.. And a new life is always a blessing.

Terelu and Alejandro met in Marbella in the summer of 1997.


“I want this one as my daughter’s husband”

We have searched the archives to remember what the love story that united Alejandro Rubio and Terelu Campos was like. They met in 1997 and Terelu, who came from a failed marriage, wanted to get married and, above all, have children. Alejandro, on her part, had also been married and from that marriage Sergio was born – who was ten years old at that time –, Alejandra’s brother with whom she is and she gets along wonderfully.

They were introduced by a mutual friend in Marbella, where they spent their summer vacations, and the crush was practically immediate. Although speaking of crushes, it seems that The one who really liked Alejandro Rubio was María Teresa Campos. “I want this one as my daughter’s husband”said the popular presenter. Terelu acknowledged, however, that she also liked it. “His way of talking about her, her personality, her character… and he is very affectionate and thoughtful,” Terelu said of him. They met the next day to go to the bullfights and Terelu already told him very clearly: “You’re not going to escape.”.

Wedding in Santander

Teresa Campos’ daughter would have wanted to get married in December of that same year. But just that season, Terelu had started her Telemadrid program ‘Con T de afternoon’ so work prevented her from fulfilling that wish. Another important reason is that Terelu wanted to get married in the church. His first marriage had been civil, so there was no problem on his part, but Alexander had been married in the church. Finally, and Since ecclesiastical annulment was not easy to obtain, the couple opted to celebrate a civil marriage..

So they postponed their wedding for a few months and on March 14, 1998 they got married in the incredible setting of the Magdalena Palace, at a wedding officiated by the mayor of the city.

Terelu and Alejandro were married at the Palacio de la Magdalena, in Santander, in March 1998.

Readings File

Terelu’s tears

Terelu shined a bridal dress designed by Hannibal Laguna and Alejandro a classic morning coat. María Teresa Campos’ daughter was moved and shed some tears at the end of the romantic ceremony, in which some verses recited by the actor Paco Valladares –the remembered ‘television husband’ of María Teresa Campos– with Bach’s ‘Cantata 147’ playing in the background.

Among the guests, a good number of famous faces. Of course, María Teresa Campos, mother of the bride, and Carmen Borregohis sister. But other famous guests were Lara Dibildos, Nuria González, Esperanza Gracia, Rocío Carrasco –then still married to Antonio David–, or Marián Conde and her husband Juan Valderrama, among others.

Terelu remembered in the pages of Readings how she felt at her wedding. “One of the happiest days of my life. When I woke up I looked out the window and I was partying in Santander. I opted for Santander, because my uncle Manolo, my father’s only brother, who was my godfather, lived there… I was fortunate that the mayor at the time, Gonzalo Piñeiro, thanks to my friend Antonio Bañuelos, I could get married in the Magdalena Palace. What a privilege for me! Despite the rain, the sun came out when I dressed as a bride and it didn’t rain again all day. We had a wonderful wedding.”

Summer of 1998, their first married vacation.


Terelu couldn’t get pregnant

After the wedding, Terelu and Alejandro lived very happy times, and the presenter’s greatest wish was to be a mother, but it was not easy for her. “It was difficult for me to get pregnant. What an ordeal! I thought it would never happen to me. Fortunately, we made it and we had Alejandra.”

Alejandra Rubio was born on March 24, 2000 and his birth was a source of joy for the entire family. Terelu said that the baby’s first smile was for her brother Sergio, who was immensely happy to have become an older brother. María Teresa Campos loved her youngest granddaughter and, whenever she could, she featured her on television.

The marriage began to have problems very soon.

Readings File

Terelu’s little patience

As in all couples, and even more so if both have a strong character, it is normal for friction to happen. Rumors of a marital crisis soon began to emerge and, finally, in a statement they made it known that they were separating. It was the year 2003. This is how Terelu herself explained it: “There were no fights in our house. There was no rudeness. Because my daughter was a baby, she was two years old. So when we started talking about our separation it was a slow process. We talked about it in June and Alejandro He didn’t leave the house until February. of the following year”.

Over the years, Terelu has reflected and believes that, perhaps, she was hasty in separating from Alejandro. “Neither of us are perfect. We both contributed to our marriage not working. I have thought, and he knows, that if I had had a little more patience… In life we ​​make decisions and we have to learn to live with them. “I thought separating was the best thing, but with what I know today about what relationships are like, it probably wasn’t the best thing to do.”said Terelu in Readings.

Teresa Campos, Terelu and Alejandro, at the wedding of Fernández Tapias and Nuria González, in 2002.


All for the sake of his daughter

We must recognize Terelu that, despite having her character, she knows how to get along very well with her exes. Except for one, Pipi Estrada, he doesn’t want to know anything about her. By the way, Pipi was her next romance after breaking up with Alejandro.

Nothing to do with the good relationship she has with her daughter’s father. In the most difficult moments of her life, Alejandro has been there, and vice versa. When Alejandro has needed her, like when Beatriz, his third wife, diedTerelu has lived up to it.

When life gave me my first big setback, Alejandro was there. When he lost his mother, I was there. When life hit his partner like it did me, I was there, because he asked me. When life gave me a setback again, he was there,” Terelu recalled.

Together in difficult times

Indeed, Alejandro has been supporting Terelu when she was diagnosed with cancer and when María Teresa Campos had a stroke. But they have not only been together in difficult times, but also in happy times. María Teresa Campos never hid her affection for Alejandro and he reciprocated her in the same way.

Alejandro Rubio, along with Terelu and his ex-mother-in-law, in a parade in which Alejandra participated.


Alejandra also met them on many occasions, such as when she debuted on the catwalk with Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada. There in the front row María Teresa Campos was sitting next to Terelu and Alejandro Rubio.

So, It is not surprising that Alejandro Rubio was very close to Terelu and her daughter Alejandra during the illness and death of his mother-in-law, María Teresa Campos. Her support has been very important for Terelu and Alejandra, who suffered a very hard blow with the death of María Teresa.

Terely and Alejandra hug at Teresa Campos’ funeral in the presence of Alejandro Rubio.


In fact, there is so much affection between both families that Terelu dedicated some loving words to the death of Alejandro’s father, whom she adored. “Losing my father-in-law was a ‘shock’, because I loved him very much.. He really liked dancing with my mother and bingo. She has always had my admiration as a father-in-law and as a professional. With his efforts, he created his company, which, currently, my daughter’s father takes care of with great dedication and affection,” Terelu commented.

Now, Alejandra will bring them together again and this time for a beautiful reason: her first grandchild. Happy news that, after the first impact, will continue to keep Terelu and Alejandro together for life.

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