Tom Cruise’s daughter denies her last name, prefers to be called by her stage name

Tom Cruise’s daughter denies her last name, prefers to be called by her stage name
Tom Cruise’s daughter denies her last name, prefers to be called by her stage name

The lives of Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri go their separate ways. Neither the passage of time nor blood ties were enough to reunite the 18-year-old with her father, with whom she has not been seen in public since 2013. The distance between them pushed Suri to recently take a sharp decision.

At her graduation party, the daughter of the former acting couple appeared credited not with her birth namebut as “Suri Noelle”, thus adopting her mother’s middle name, Katie Noelle Holmes.

Graduation party It was not the first time that Suri preferred to be called by her stage name. The young woman’s intention not to use her father’s last name arose a few months ago, when she starred in Head Over Heels, a musical produced by his exclusive school in New York. Over there, The teenager was also listed simply as “Suri Noelle.”.

“Suri is not a Scientologist and never will be,” stated a former spokesperson for the mysterious cult and explained this way not only the reason for the distance between the Hollywood star and his daughter, but also the barrier that prevents them from seeing each other again today. Apparently, the actor maintains contact with his other two children, Isabella and Connor, because they do profess the same religious doctrine as him.

A broken relationship because of Scientology

In this photo, from 2012, Tom Cruise was already accused of abandoning his daughter Suri. (MEHDI TAAMALLAH)

Suri Cruise came into the world on April 18, 2006. For several months, her birth was an absolute mystery, without a single image of the little girl emerging. The lack of a postcard confirming her existence began to raise doubts.

In October of that same year, Holmes and Cruise presented the little girl on the cover of Vanity Fair

“Did anyone want to see me?”, titled the magazine and published a series of images captured by the famous photographer. Annie Leibovitz. From that moment until the end of the relationship between Holmes and Cruise, the family was always very close.

Cruise’s last public photo with his daughter dates back to 2013, when they took a trip to Disneyland together. As reported at that time, the protagonist of the successful series Dawson’s Creek decided to break up her marriage for fear of raising her daughter within Scientology, the cult to which the actor dedicates his life. From that moment on, the bond between Cruise and Suri became distant, until it was broken.

Suri stopped seeing her father and grew up in New York, a city where she was always seen accompanied by her mother and enjoying all kinds of activities: walk your dogs, eat out or shop. The girl also became famous for her passion for fashion, a passion that led her to become one of the youngest It Girls. In fact, through her Tik Tok account, the young woman revealed that she will continue her studies at the Carnegie Mellon School of Design and for that she will move to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

So far, neither she nor Holmes have talked about Scientology. According to her, this attitude is a consequence of the multiple confidentiality documents that the actress signed after her divorce and that They prevented him from referring to his marriage and his time within Scientology. However, in April of this year Suri turned 18, and by legally becoming an adult, she will be able to talk about her father, her beliefs, and her feelings about it.

“Suri was too young to sign any agreement, but now he is free to speak if he wants and it will be really interesting if he has something to say,” Tony Ortega, a specialist on the subject, assured. PageSix. For his part, Mike Rinder, a man who served as spokesperson for the mysterious cult, who left the organization and has not seen his older children since, said: “Suri is not a Scientologist and never will be… She deserves love and sympathy”.

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