Meryl Streep’s daughter declares herself openly lesbian

Louisa Jacobson Gummer, daughter best of Meryl Streepannounced this weekend, during his mother’s 75th birthday, that he is dating a woman.

As a result of her marriage to the sculptor Don Gummer, the famous actress of “The Devil Wears Prada” had four children; Henry (43 years old), Mamie (40), Grace (37) and Louisa (33).

In fact, Louisa followed in her mother’s footsteps and dedicated herself to acting; In her budding career, she has already starred in some series, such as the HBO production “The Gilded Age”, where she gave life to Marian Brook.

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This weekend, the young woman published a series of photographs in which she not only appears alongside her new partner, producer Anna Blendell, but with several friends. However, she pointed out that she was very happy with the new stage that she was experiencing, a message that she accompanied with a rainbow, an emoji associated with the LGBT + pride flag.

“Blessed to be entering the new joyful era, baby,” she wrote.

Jacobson Gummer was applauded by several of her followers who described it as “iconic” that she spoke about her lesbianness precisely on the day of her mother’s birthday.

“Lesbians keep winning.”

“One more triumph for lesbians.”

“We will support you in each of your eras.”

These are some of the signs of support he has received on social networks.

It is worth mentioning that in 2022, Louisa had a romantic relationship with actor Jonathan Higginbotham, whom she met while studying to become an actress at the Yale School of Drama.

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At that time, the young woman said she was happy to share her life with a person who was also dedicated to acting, because she could understand the demands that her profession demanded.

“We share this strange career together and we can complain about the same things, he knows deeply what I do,” she told “Vanity Fair.”

Meryl and Louisa’s father, Don, were married for 45 years, but last October they announced that they were divorcing, after living apart for six years, without having made the news public.

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